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Get limitless space to build your mega-factory in multiplayer mode with our Game dedicated servers.

Satisfactory: Construction, optimisation and satisfaction

Satisfactory is the ultimate game for anyone who is a fan of open-world building simulators. Developed by Coffee Stain Studios and released in March 2019, players take on the role of an employee at FICSIT Inc. As an engineer working on an uninhabited planet, your task is to build real production plants. Extract resources from the veins on the map, before routing them to the processing circuits you create. The elements you harvest are then transformed into various objects, such as metal plates or screws. After you build an orbital lift, you will be able to fulfil your mission of sending advanced technology materials to your employer. Once your plants are fully automated, take a step back, sip your coffee, and admire the fruit of your work. How satisfying!

Why create a Satisfactory dedicated server?

In Satisfactory, you can expect hours of hard work and play. Count on your friends to help you in this game in co-op mode. However, playing together on the same game requires additional resources, especially if you are building a giant factory. If this is how you plan to play the game, the resources of the standard computer you host games on locally may prove to be insufficient. You would also need to keep your computer powered on at all times, so that players can connect to the server in your absence. A dedicated server will deliver all the hardware resources you need, keeping resources free on your standard PC. It will also meet the need for continuous availability, so that the game you host is always online. With constant uptime, your players can connect whenever they want.

What are the advantages of Satisfactory dedicated server rental with OVHcloud?

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Your server, your configuration

Choose the right dedicated server for your needs. Get total flexibility choosing the service you want your game to be based on, the rules you want to set, and the server configurations you apply. Offer your players, friends and teammates an optimal gaming experience, on a dedicated machine specially designed for video gaming.

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High performance

When it comes to video games, performance plays an important role in how you choose your hardware. By opting for a Game dedicated server — equipped with the latest generation AMD Ryzen processors — you get the very best performance. Furthermore, we host your server in our world-class datacentres — which are equipped with eco-friendly, cutting-edge technologies like water-cooling. In short, we provide all the conditions necessary for you to get the very most of your server, without needing to worry about downtime.


By hosting your video game on an OVHcloud dedicated server, you get guaranteed optimal availability. Your services will always up-and-running for you and your players. With up to 1Gbit/s bandwidth, smooth processing is guaranteed. Our datacentres are spread across the globe, and offer minimal latency. Our servers are also covered by a 99.90% SLA (Service Level Agreement), to ensure constant uptime — which makes them perfect for hours of lag-free gameplay.

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Anti-DDoS protection

As a player, you may already have experienced in-game disruptions caused by an artificial saturation of the service. To avoid any possible attacks, all of our dedicated servers are protected by VAC technology, which is an essential part of our anti-DDoS protection. This comprehensive solution protects servers against distributed denial-of-service attacks.

Community-wide hosting solutions

A range to suit everyone in the video-gaming community
Like all of our dedicated servers, the Game range is made up of fully configurable machines. This makes them perfect for everyone in the industry — from players and developers to video game publishers.

Are you a reseller?
Configure your server to host multiple parties, and add services for your customers.

Are you a publisher?
Think big when it comes to hosting your future video game, and focus on developing your game instead of maintaining your hardware. We can support you in designing your systems, whatever your needs are — from server clusters to cloud gaming, and much more.

Are you a streamer or community representative?
To host games with your community or organise tournaments, Game dedicated servers are a great option to consider. They will be the best solution for your needs, offering both performance and protection. Host events under the best conditions possible, and make sure they go without a hitch.

How to create a Satisfactory dedicated server

A Satisfactory dedicated server is installed with Steam services, and works with Linux and Windows operating systems.

Recommended configuration
Processor (CPU): Intel i5-3570 or AMD Ryzen 5 3600, 3.6GHz
RAM: 12GB minimum, 16GB+ recommended for advanced games, or games with more than 4 players.
Storage/disk space: Minimum of 10GB storage space for server files.
Operating system: Microsoft Windows Server or recent Linux.

Please note that with Game range servers, you can have 4 or more players playing a game simultaneously.

How to install the Satisfactory server on your dedicated server

1.    Firstly, get familiar with your dedicated server and its environment. We recommend referring to our range of dedicated server documentation.
2.    Install the Steam client on your server.
3.    Next, go to your Steam account, where the game Satisfactory should appear. In the “Tools” section of your library, search for “Satisfactory Dedicated Server”.
4.    At this stage, you just need to launch the Satisfactory server installation.

Port configuration

Ensure that the different ports used for your server are accessible:

  • UDP port 15777 for queries.
  • UDP port 15000, if you are using multiple server instances at once.
  • UDP port 7777 to connect to the game.

Boot the Satisfactory server on your machine

Once you have finished installing the Satisfactory server, simply launch it and finish configuring it. Perform any updates that may be required, and apply whatever changes you need to your settings before you get your server up-and-running.

How to join the newly created Satisfactory server

Your server is now ready to host your players. To connect, each participant must launch the game on their computer, go to the server manager, click “Add a server”, then enter the IP address and password. Your players can now join the game and start building their first factory.