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A Trusted Cloud for the Public Sector

The cloud represents an incredible opportunity for the public sector to modernise legacy IT systems and join the cutting-edge of technological innovation. It improves security and compliance, and helps avoid unnecessary spending. But with the GDPR having arrived in Europe, and other country-specific regulations, laws and compliance policies still to come, choosing the right cloud provider has become critical for all public sector solutions. OVHcloud Government solutions are specifically designed to maximise data sovereignty on trusted infrastructures, with certified, isolated hardware that meets even the strictest data hosting requirements.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is fully secure

Private isolation available for all your cloud services.
A flexible and dedicated cloud with high availability.
Secure your compliance, with all the required certifications.
Ensure you always have full reversibility and data portability as you scale.

How it works


Define the scope of your cloud project

You'll begin by meeting our team to assess the best options for your infrastructure, depending on your goals and compliance requirements. OVHcloud partners can assist in this process, providing guidance regarding the full scope of your project and the execution of a proper implementation strategy. Budget estimations and formal commitment will also be discussed. For smaller projects, you can simply subscribe to any OVHcloud services that suit your requirements and get going straight away.

Step 2 OVHcloud

Determine the level of isolation you require

You are free to customise your OVHcloud infrastructure, with the support of our technical teams. They will help you define a configuration that meets your performance, availability, resilience and security requirements. Furthermore, as your data is a strategic asset, you can choose where to host your services in our datacentres. In addition to full isolation, OVHcloud services guarantee the high availability of your data, supported by robust disaster recovery measures, so your data is replicated and can be safely restored, if required.

Step 3 OVHcloud

A flexible and secure long-term solution for your data

Following the launch of your first project, you can further adapt your infrastructure and billing to suit your evolving requirements, such as adding and removing resources in real-time, to respond to activity spikes. You will also have a resilient cloud infrastructure, dedicated to the long-term storage of your data. And for complete peace of mind, you can trigger audit processes as required, to ensure your policies and compliance requirements are always met.

Our partners

Key Features


Our security team ensures that OVHcloud is compliant with all of the processes for the certificates it holds. We adhere to the very highest industry standards by following the strictest security practices — like firewalls, strict monitoring of web traffic, and access management.


One factor that sets OVHcloud apart is that we can isolate all of your hardware and network equipment in our datacenters. This like having your hosting plan locked up in a safe, with just your data inside it.


Your data is distributed across one or more datacenters in a location of your choice, and it is automatically replicated to avoid any risk of data loss. Your data will always be secure, and archived by solutions offering the very best price-performance ratio — to help you control your budget.

Reversibility and interoperability

When you trust us with your data, we can guarantee that you will always be able to retrieve it via protocols and standard APIs that are easy to use. You can also connect your infrastructure to other cloud computing providers as part of a multi-cloud strategy. 

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Public Sector Cloud Computing

What are Operators of Vital Importance?

In France, where our headquarters is located, Operators of Vital Importance (OIVs) – also known as critical infrastructure operators – include bodies that supply the country with vital public services. They cover such industries as food, health, water, telecom & broadcasting, space & research, industry, energy, transport, finance, civilian administration, military activities, and justice. These organisations are obliged under French law to identify critical information systems and deploy cybersecurity programs.

OVHcloud is very up to date with these kind of country-specific regulations, and we know that OIVs and equivalent public sector bodies in the UK and elsewhere must have a very strong cloud computing strategy in order to meet such complex compliance and security challenges.

Indeed, more and more organisations are overcoming concerns about the state of public sector cloud computing by partnering with trusted cloud vendors, who, like OVHcloud, have a successful track record of helping their customers deal with technological transitions while reaping the advantages that cloud computing can bring to the public sector.

Why do public sector organisations and Operators of Vital Importance have specific needs?

As with other groups, when public sector organisations consider transitioning to cloud computing, they will have specific needs. Indeed, government, healthcare and educational organisations face particularly prominent concerns. The most pressing include privacy, security and budgeting constraints. With this in mind, the cloud approach can offer many advantages to the public sector.

Keeping data secure and safeguarding personal information is always critical. However public sector organisations must be especially vigilant because their work is so closely tied to public trust and they deal with sensitive public data such as financial or health records. Public sector organisations that want to adopt a cloud computing strategy can be sure that OVHcloud solutions are protected by the most advanced firewalls and strict access controls, and that we ensure full privacy and isolation in the cloud.

In addition, public sector organisations are bound by ever-reducing operating budgets and constraints while they are still under pressure to deliver enhanced services to a growing population. The flexibility of OVHcloud solutions and the absence of rigid, long-term contracts give you peace of mind and help you plan your budget realistically.