Solutions for the healthcare sector

Healtcare Europe

A dedicated cloud for healthcare Industry

Healthcare data and hosting solutions are an important building block in the healthcare journey. OVHcloud is conscious of the challenges associated with protecting this data, and guaranteeing availability — and offers a range of resilient, scalable cloud hosting solutions. All of these solutions are compliant with the very highest security standards, and they are also built using standard technology on the market. You can host healthcare data from many different countries, with the assurance that the solution is compliant with all regulations and confidentiality rules.

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For health care institutions

Migrate to the cloud and serenely manage your information systems, applications and health data. A secure, flexible and cost-effective solution, reducing your infrastructure investments.

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For mutuals and insurance companies

With the cloud, improve your structural agility and customer engagement, reduce fraud and simplify care reimbursement management. Your migration is made easy with VMware and the private cloud.

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For health software publishers

Deploy your managed services on our high-performance, scalable cloud infrastructures, ensuring strict regulatory compliance in the different countries where you host health data.

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For Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

Reduce time-to-market for new products, improve team collaboration and clinical trial productivity, while ensuring optimal protection for your sensitive data.

OVHcloud Healthcare

A trusted cloud solution for several hundreds of companies and institutions hosting personal healthcare data, in compliance with very high-level confidentiality requirements in Europe and North America.

A healthcare cloud solution package for you

Key advantages

Healtcare Europe

A private, secure cloud that is compliant with regulatory standards

Each customer’s cloud infrastructures are physically isolated, to maximize patient data protection. We apply the zero-trust approach in order to secure access to sensitive actions, and we hold ISO 27001, HDS and both SOC I and II type 2 certifications for all of our Healthcare infrastructures.

We offer specific contracts to our customers that are compliant with healthcare data hosting regulations in a number of European countries: Germany, the UK, Italy, Poland and France, with HDS certification. HIPAA compliance is also followed in the US.


A high-performance, scalable cloud for all needs

Harness the resilience and flexibility of VMware SDDC Enterprise Plus clusters. OVHcloud has been a Premier VMware partner since 2010, delivering them performance, scalability and a very high level of automation.

You can also opt for dedicated servers from our HG range. They are fully customizable, offering the best performance/cost ratio for massive data storage, intensive GPU processing, and hosting large databases.


High availability adapted for critical environments

Our solutions deliver optimal resilience. Their monthly availability rates are equal to or higher than 99.94%, with security mechanisms implemented across all of the elements that make up our services. This system is also complemented by business continuity plans.

Our Business and Enterprise support services will also help you launch your project. It is accessible 24/7, with a commitment to handling incidents within 30 minutes. Your requests are managed as a priority over other customers who use Standard support.

Our partners


Datacentre extension and migration

The simplest way to transfer your data to the cloud

Hybrid and multi-cloud solutions

Build the multi-cloud infrastructure you need for a rock-solid hybrid cloud

Disaster recovery solutions

Stay one step ahead by protecting your data

Virtual desktop infrastructures for business

Increase your business agility, and improve the overall experience for end-users

Reliable email and collaborative solutions

Get a comprehensive collaborative suite, without any compromises on security

Store high volumes of data

Store and distribute high volumes of data in the cloud

Managed big data clusters

Launch your big data project on a good foundation, with a managed solution

Bare-metal servers for high-performance workloads

High-availability servers for clusters with critical usage

Choose the location your data is hosted in

Decide exactly which of our datacentres your data is stored in

Certifications and compliance

We are compliant with a number of security requirements, including PCI DSS, TSP, CSA and ISO 27017/18

Hosting healthcare data in Europe

All of our European datacentres are HDS-certified

Hosting healthcare data in the US

All of our US datacentres are HIPAA-compliant

Advanced security for Hosted Private Cloud

We offer a range of features that allow for a strict identity control process

Guaranteed sovereignty, with no submission to the Cloud Act

Your data hosted in Europe is protected by the GDPR, and not subject to US law

Customer audits for our infrastructures and services

Our customers can have the platform audited by an external organisation

Anti-DDoS protection included

Keep your infrastructures protected against DDoS attacks

Automated VMware Enterprise Plus SDDC

Since 2010, OVHcloud has offered a comprehensive VMware platform

Business continuity and disaster recovery plans

Stay one step ahead by protecting your data

OVHcloud Connect network peering

Your network extension to OVHcloud datacenters

Veeam Managed Backup

Our Backup as a Service solution for your VM

Healthcare expertise and IT support

Our Professional Services team and partners are here to help

Business level support

24/7 available engineers, ready to support your various requests

Enterprise level support

Dedicated support for your projects, from OVHcloud experts

Our support team is available 24/7, and will manage your requests as a priority in less than 30 minutes.

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OVHcloud Healthcare service commitments:


  • To have the authorisations required for hosting healthcare data in the territories concerned.

  • To comply with legal and regulatory requirements in force, especially with regards to personal data protection and healthcare data hosting.

  • To comply with ethical regulations, especially with regards to the privacy of healthcare data and professional confidentiality. On these grounds, OVHcloud does not use the healthcare data it hosts. Only Customers have total control over this data.

  • To maintain an increased level of security for healthcare data, in compliance with the very strictest legal and regulatory requirements in force. The measures we deploy are both organisational and technical. We focus particularly on data access control, high-level authentication, and the traceability of all operations carried out on the data. An IT system security policy is formalised, implemented and evaluated.

  • To guarantee the validity of patient rights by managing their rights of access, rectification, opposition and deletion in compliance with the provisions established by the Data Protection Act, and by the public health code.

  • To manage its sub-contracting chain by transferring any obligation, particularly with regards to security, data location and the validity of patient rights, to its sub-contractors, and by imposing a similar contract transfer to its own sub-contractors.


  • To educate and train its staff with regards to issues linked to the sensitivity of healthcare data in terms of respecting patient privacy, medical ethics and enhanced security.

  • To ensure service continuity and resumption by implementing a business continuity plan, and deploying an incident management process. OVHcloud provides the Customer with technical support, lists the representatives who are available 24/7, and can organise crisis units.

  • To improve the OVHcloud Healthcare service constantly in terms of both performance and security, and adapt accordingly to technological and regulatory changes.

  • To support its Customers in the event of a service change or closure. OVHcloud agrees to return all data to the Customer that they have stored on their infrastructure, at any time. When the service closes, after the data has been returned to the Customer, OVHcloud will proceed to erase all of the data stored by the Customer.

  • To advise the Customer and its depositors with regards to their contractual, legal and regulatory obligations.

  • To carry out its duty as an advisor for players in the hosting chain, through any documentation provided as part of the service, through the intervention of people responsible for this solution, and through supporting Customers within their scope.