Trackmania Server

How to create a TrackMania dedicated server?

First released in 2003, TrackMania is a popular racing game that allows players to race and create their own maps using a “building block” process. Want to play, build, race, and find track shortcuts in style? The latest TrackMania game provides all the thrill of racing and joy of creation, with new maps - including remakes of the classics - and increased social fun. Accelerate to victory and enjoy a unique experience for you and your friends on our dedicated TrackMania game servers.

Go full speed and beat the high score!

On the surface, TrackMania is as simple as any arcade racer making it highly accessible to gamers of all levels. Look a little deeper and TrackMania will surprise you. Drifting, speed sliding, gear management,  add a level of precision that keeps players coming back again and again. Its heavy focus on community features, open software, and map building add to the drama of each race and allow users to easily set up their own TrackMania hosting platform. Play tournaments, build maps, and compete with your friends on a dedicated TrackMania Game server.

Why create a TrackMania dedicated server…? Organise a global race!

Organise a TrackMania event to unleash your community's potential. With the assistance of your subscribers, map your tracks, then hold large-scale tournaments.

Give your player base a unique gaming experience by bringing them all together in a single, strong, and stable ecosystem. Manage the experience for greater competition and enjoyment while reducing latency for users, wherever they’re based. It's your maps, your tournaments, your rules.

OVHcloud Game dedicated servers give you the best power for you and your community.

What are the advantages of a TrackMania dedicated server?

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Unlimited customisation

Build your TrackMania server to suit your needs. Configure its specifications to shape a unique gaming experience. Add as many players as you want and act as admin to manage players for the best community possible. Build and compete on your own custom maps without limitation, enjoy your own custom music tracks to keep your games and tournaments as lively as possible.

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High performance

Our game-specific dedicated servers are constructed using technology that has been enhanced to give you superior performance. They use AMD Ryzen processors, based on Zen 3 architecture - increasing performance by up to 26%. Our data centres benefit from our water-cooling technology to help ensure peak performance for your Game server.


Our Game servers can process traffic at speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s without affecting the availability of our services. Get the lowest latency possible by selecting a server from one of our global datacentres closest to your players. With a 99.9% service level agreement (SLA), all Game servers provide you with the highest level of availability for gaming and e-sports.

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Anti-DDoS Game Protection

Anti-DDoS Game Protection was created specifically for gaming to safeguard your games and your players' experience. It is tailored to UDP traffic (unique to video game traffic), unlike typical solutions, and includes incoming and outgoing controls. You can also use certain gaming modes profiles to maximize your protection.


By creating an infrastructure with OVHcloud dedicated servers, you build a reliable, technical platform for your online games. We regularly update our product lines, and the components on which they’re based — so you always get the ultimate gameplay experience.

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Storage space

When playing multiplayer games online, every second counts. Our Game dedicated servers use NVMe SSD drives that range in size from 500GB to 960GB. They allow you to perform backups and significantly cut down on response times. You can choose from a variety of drives to customize the storage capacity of your  Gameserver.

Meet all your gaming needs!

We created our servers with the gaming industry in mind. Resellers can utilise our solutions to configure game servers and give your players a top-notch experience in a secure setting. Developers can concentrate on creating a game's design while we will handle the hosting. Want to build a shared experience with your viewers? Check out these tips for streamers and your community. Get a Game server and build your own world. Set up Twitch on the server directly and offer exclusive entertainment. Additionally, you can set up Mumble, TeamSpeak, or host a Discord bot to enhance community member communication while playing games.

How can I set up a dedicated server for TrackMania?

  1. Choose and setup your Game server.

    The server model we would recommend is completely dependent on how you intend to use your Game server — i.e. whether it works in a cluster, or as a standalone machine. For events like LANs and e-sports competitions, we recommend using Game-1 and 2 servers.

    If you are a hosting provider and want to create several virtual private servers (VPS) on your dedicated servers, it requires a high volume of resources. To maximize the number of VPS per dedicated TrackMania servers, you should consider which solutions allow for the best single threaded performance, as well as secure and stable network solutions. We propose our GAME-2 range servers.

    The following minimal configuration for each virtual TrackMania server is advised:
    •    2 GB RAM
    •    Minimum disk space of 5 GB
    •    Dual core running at or above 2.0 GHz or higher
    •    100 MB/s is the recommended speed for a dependable internet connection.

    It’s important to keep in mind that these only apply to a small group of players. Higher performance OVHcloud Game servers allow you to host more players for a more advanced gaming experience.

    Once you have chosen the type of server, you can launch its installation from the OVHcloud Control Panel. First, select your operating system (Windows Server, Dedicated Server Ubuntu or Dedicated Server Linux). You can then log in and configure it to suit your needs, and the specifics of your infrastructure. To help you with this, please refer to our dedicated server documentation.

  2. Configure your TrackMania server.

    Follow the recommended steps below to prepare your custom TrackMania server:
    •    You can configure it directly from the Steam Workshop.
    •    Install the server files via SteamCMD.
    •    Enter your command lines, admin credentials, and passwords.
    •    Ensure that UDP ports 1200, UDP ports 27000 to 27020 and TCP ports 27030 to 27039 are open.
    •    Launch your server for the first time, then reboot it (recommended step).
    •    Your server is now ready to use.

    Even though the server comes with a lot of storage (500 GB), we suggest adding more space for backups.

    Each server has a range of IPv6 addresses in addition to a public IPv4 address. More can be ordered (up to 256 per machine). These allow you to appear on the list of Trackmania servers.