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How to create a Space Engineers Dedicated Server

Space Engineers is a voxel-based sandbox game released in February 2019 by Czech indie developer Keen Software House. After its early-access release in 2013, it became immensely popular in its years of initial development, selling over 1 million copies. Since then, it has received high critical acclaim, with a 9/10 rating on Steam, an honourable mention in “Indie of the Year 2014”, and first place in “Indie of the Year 2015”. Are you keen on engineering, adventures, and survival in space? If so, then Space Engineers will be right up your street! To get optimal flexibility and the ultimate online gaming experience for yourself and your friends, we strongly recommend opting for a dedicated Space Engineers server.

Space Engineers bare metal server rental

In Space Engineers, you play the eponymous character, equipped with three tools: a drill, a welder, and a grinder (if ‘spawn with tools’ is enabled). You can then start building your infrastructure by selecting blocks from your inventory and adding them into the open-space map to create a voxel grid. The beauty of the game is that it offers both creative and survival modes — so whether you want to focus on unleashing your creativity or try your hand at survival strategies, you can work together with your community to shape your own gameplay experience. The game has a buzzing community, so you can get even more customisability with many available mods and plugins to choose from, plus a wide range of DLC packs available to order via the official Space Engineers store or Steam.

Space Engineers is available on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. For information on how to enable crossplay on your Space Engineers dedicated server, we recommend referring to .

Why set up a Space Engineers server?

Since it is best to be aware of all your options, we have summarised the methods for connecting to the game below. There are three ways of playing Space Engineers in multiplayer mode:

-    Join a community, or a public dedicated Space Engineers server.
-    Host a server using your own PC.
-    Host a server externally, with a cloud hosting provider.

For minimal hassle and total simplicity, the first option will be the best for you — but connecting to the same server as your friends or community can often be a challenge, and you may encounter issues such as lag, latency, and long rendering times. You also won’t have the freedom to customise your gameplay experience with your preferred mods, plugins or DLC packs.

While the second option certainly provides you with more flexibility to tailor your gameplay modes, players will only be able to access your Space Engineers server while your PC is powered on. This can make your energy costs very high, and you will need to ensure that your hardware components can deliver the power required for the game to work properly. With an open-world map and complex in-game physics applied to interactable objects, even a very powerful PC will struggle to host more than a few players.

Considering the two options above, where is the fun in playing the game if you experience a jarring amount of lag, the map takes time to render, and you find yourself unable to connect to the same server your friends are on?

This is where the benefits of Space Engineers dedicated server hosting come in. Our Game dedicated servers deliver optimal power and performance for a wide range of use cases, and since we take care of server assembly and on-site maintenance, you can focus on what matters most — enjoying the ultimate gaming experience. To harness the power of the best Space Engineers server hosting at an unbeatable price, browse our Eco range for cheap dedicated hosting services.

We also deliver the best hosting servers for companies seeking to become managed hosting providers. By renting your hosting service from hosting providers like OVHcloud, you get the optimal scalability required to deliver virtual private servers hosted worldwide. Offer managed VPS hosting packages and ensure that your virtual servers provide a low-latency connection to users across the globe.

What are the advantages of a dedicated Space Engineers server?

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Unlimited customisation

No matter what your user profile is, get the best Space Engineers dedicated server hosting to match your needs. Add your favourite mods, textures, and skins, configure the settings to suit your preferred gameplay mode, and leverage the flexibility we offer to host a happy community of players.

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High performance

OVHcloud Game dedicated servers are equipped with next-gen AMD Ryzen processors, based on Zen 3 architecture. They offer 26% more performance than previous versions, so you get optimal stability — and our energy-efficient water-cooling technology keeps your servers from overheating, no matter how intensive your resource usage is.

Optimal availability

Our Game servers have a redundant power supply and offer up to 1Gbit/s bandwidth, so you can deliver the ultimate lag-free experience for both yourself and your community with constant uptime. They also come with a 99.90% SLA, so you can ensure nearly zero downtime, and since our network of datacentres is spread across the globe, you can minimise latency by ordering a server closest to your players. What’s more, our on-site datacentre teams are also on hand 24/7 to take care of the server hardware, maintenance, and incident resolution.

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Anti-DDoS protection

All our solutions come with anti-DDoS protection enabled by default — and no matter how high-volume a DDoS attack is, your services will remain protected round-the-clock at no extra cost. Our anti-DDoS protection is based on VAC technology, which filters incoming traffic — so only legitimate traffic can reach your server. Our infrastructure has mitigated DDoS attacks of up to 1.3Tbit/s in size, so you can rest assured that your Space Engineers gameplay will remain unaffected.

Adaptable to every user profile

OVHcloud Game servers are designed to meet gaming industry requirements — so no matter how you plan to use your Space Engineers dedicated server, you’ll find the right model for your needs. You also get root access, so you have total freedom and flexibility in terms of how you configure your Space Engineers server. Server management is also simplified when you opt for hosting companies like OVHcloud, since we offer a centralized control-panel interface: the OVHcloud Control Panel. Get the very most out of your customizable new server with unbeatable performance, and a UI optimized for user-friendliness.

Resellers: Become the best Space Engineers server host by opting for our dedicated solutions. Looking to create Space Engineers VPS servers for your own customers? Our Space Engineers dedicated servers provide the perfect hardware platform for this use case. You are the root user, so you can use virtualization technology on your game server, then start provisioning resources for your virtual private servers.

Players and developers: Focus on playing or designing your game, while we take care of hosting it. Get root access and explore our extensive range of configuration and hardware options. Protect both yourself and your players from DDoS attacks and ensure zero downtime. With dedicated server hosting services provided by a web-hosting company like OVHcloud, you can get your scalable cloud server up-and-running in no time.

Streamers and communities: Share the ultimate gaming experience with Space Engineers server hosting. Complement it with streaming apps like Twitch to deliver Space Engineers entertainment to your fans. Mumble and TeamSpeak are also available to install, so your community of players can stay in touch and play co-operatively.

How to set up a Space Engineers dedicated server

Below are the minimum system requirements for any Space Engineers dedicated server, as listed on the official website:

-    CPU 2.2GHz, 3 logical cores
-    6GB RAM
-    5Mbit/s bandwidth

However, it is best to opt for the recommended configuration, which is also listed on the same webpage.

The following is also required:
-    A Windows PC with an administrator account (but only if the server is to be run as a service).
-    .NET Redistributable 4.8 or higher.
-    Installed Visual C++ Redistributable packages 2013 and 2017.

You can view all our Windows Server-compatible bare metal servers on our website. We also offer Linux and Ubuntu dedicated servers, but it is important to note that launching a Space Engineers Linux or Ubuntu server would be more challenging. There are instructions on Ubuntu Space Engineers dedicated server setup .

The Space Engineers official website also provides comprehensive instructions on how to set up a dedicated server for Space Engineers, along with examples of command line options and an FAQ page. While the game’s website does offer servers through its 2 official server hosts — GTX Gaming for PC and Nitrado for Xbox — these are aimed more at people who do not want to host a server themselves and are seeking something closer to a managed dedicated server.

Need help with the initial setup for your OVHcloud Game dedicated server? Browse our range of guides to help you get started.

Want to know how to add admins to your Space Engineers dedicated server? You can view the full set of instructions on their website.