Dedicated server Brazil

A dedicated server range to suit every business

Our powerful, dedicated servers are designed and assembled on-site, by our own team of experts. Built using the latest next-gen components, OVHcloud dedicated server Brazil can be customised to suit your most demanding business needs.

Brazil opimised dedicated servers are delivered in under 120 seconds, with guaranteed provisioning on an as-needed basis, so you can scale your IT projects at the click of a button.

Host your critical websites and applications inside our private, maximum-security sites – designed to keep your data secure. 

  • Powerful and scalable with next-gen components
  • High bandwidth and unlimited traffic
  • 99.99% SLA and Anti-DDoS included as standard
 Choose the best infrastructure for your business applications

Discover our dedicated servers



With our dedicated hosting web servers, your websites and applications are powered by resources entirely dedicated to you, for maximum performance. Designed and assembled on-site, our teams of in-house experts deliver optimal configurations for all your projects.


OVHcloud deploy servers in less than 120 seconds, allowing for provisioning at the click of a button. House you servers in our high asset datacentre and benefit from a secure, highly resilient network.


With OVHcloud infrastructure, your IT setup is pliant to the changing demands of your business. Best dedicated servers power a reliable, technical platform for your business applications, where resources can be added on an as-needed basis.


We spec our servers with innovative and unique solutions: including water-cooling for energy efficiency, anti-DDoS developed by our own experts, as well as free API access and OS templates for ease-of-use.


OVHcloud services adopt security-by-design principles to address our customers' most rigorous security and privacy demands and our maximum-security data centres are built like fortresses - with the very best in security systems and processes.

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Our hosting plan meets the compliance requirements of every customer. We adhere to rigorous security standards associated with various industry-specific compliance frameworks.


To make getting started with your dedicated server easier, we offer a number of distributions that can be installed automatically, via the OVHcloud Control Panel. You will find the most popular operating systems, such as Windows Server, Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS. You also have access to Plesk and cPanel web management interfaces, and Microsoft SQL Server for managing databases. If you want to take advantage of virtualisation, VMware, CoreOS and Windows Hyper-V solutions will meet your needs.

Why consider a Brazil optimised Dedicated Server?

A cloud solution with rock solid performance and reliability, your hosting solution dedicated server optimized for maximum uptime and high-availability. Unbeatable Webhosting for your ecommerce website and IT projects. With our best web server management offering - including round-the-clock monitoring and maintenance - you can forget server administration and focus on your core tasks and responsibilities. OVHcloud dedicated web hosting solutions ensures reliable hosting to get your web space up-and-running, with managed hosting for your Joomla, Linux web hosting, blog hosting, WordPress sites and other hosting sites. Our hosting service includes a basic hosting server option so you can enjoy cheap hosting that doesn’t compromise on quality and gets your business online for less.

For Brazil web hosting dedicated server options are a reliable, powerful option. Unlike a cloud option or VPS, there is no virtualization layer consuming resources on a dedicated server, so you get full use of the physical resources and therefore maximum performance. A dedicated server also gives the user added flexibility to configure the system to specific requirements and manage the data hosted on it. This leaves the option of a more advanced installation, essential for some business applications. Dedicated server web hosting for Brazilian marker gives the user greater options and will improve your reach with Brazil customers. Perfect for your business web hosting, drag and drop website, email accounts, professional website, online business, blogging, WordPress web hosting and much more.

Which features are available with an OVHcloud Dedicated Server hosting services?

With OVHcloud, dedicated server rental for Brazilian users is a great way to get online and take advantage of numerous features. Each server comes with a minimum public bandwidth of 500 Mbit/s, with a burst available to absorb occasional peak traffic for unlimited hosting. Incoming and outgoing traffic is unlimited and free (with the exception of Asia Pacific) and a bandwidth capacity that can be increased. We also offer a range of free operating systems to install automatically via the OVHcloud control panel, free and expandable 500GB of backup storage space independent of the server, anti-DDoS protection, as well as assistance and technical support from our specialist IT teams and their unparalleled knowledge base.

How to choose your data center for Brazilian market ?

OVHcloud Brazil optimised servers are located in our American data centres. We recommend storing your servers as closely as possible to your main customer and user base. For a Brazil market, Dedicated Server hosting in America is the best way to ensure minimal latency, with optimal performance and reach. All our data center are fitted with maximum security systems to keep your data secure at all costs.