Backup Storage for your data, managed entirely by us

A secure highway to your administrative data

OVHcloud offer 500GB of free backup storage with every dedicated server. This space allows you to store data securely, and independently of the main server. Storage can be increased up to 10TB and is entirely managed by OVHcloud – giving you a quality service without the technical challenges.

Backup Storage for your data OVHcloud
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Unbeatable prices

Our backup service offers outstanding value for money. No matter how extensive your backup storage requirements are, we will cover and manage them. Without the hassle of technical administration, you can save valuable time and money by using our backup storage solution.

Easy to use

Backup storage gives you direct access to your data. Simply connect to your backup server using your choice of protocol, upload your files, and browse or retrieve your content. OVHcloud is the only provider to offer 500GB of backup space and support FTP, FTPS, NFS and CIFS protocols.

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Secure design

Our security by design principles extend to our backup solutions. To ensure optimal data security, your backup storage space can only be accessed via your own personal server.

Increase your backup capacity

Log in to the OVHcloud Control Panel now to enable and use your free 500GB backup storage

backup storage OVHcloud

Make your backup storage easier

To transfer your data, simply login to your backup server using the protocol of your choice and upload your files. The NFS and CIFS protocols allow you to view and access files stored on a remote backup server. They let you mount your backup space locally on your server so you are able to edit your files as if they were on a local disk and thus easily use all admin tools to perform your backup.

Backup Storage for dedicated servers

What is a backup storage?

A backup storage is an NFS-based storage space designed for your backups that offers 500GB space for free with all OVHcloud dedicated servers. The facility is useful for storing large amounts of data and configuration files. It also provides a space for preserving data when you need to reinstall the server. With FTP backup protocols such as NFS/CIFS you can mount your backup space locally on the server, so you are able to manipulate files as if they were on a local disk. It is also possible to automatize backups with simple scripts, pushing data to the backup storage.

What is the difference between a backup storage and a backup server?

Backup servers share some features with our backup storage option, but there are many key differences. With backup storage, for example, you get free 500GB of storage and the space is managed entirely by OVHcloud. You can access your backup storage files over a chosen protocol (FTP, FTPS, NFS, or CIFS) and easily upgrade up to 10TB. Access to your storage is limited to the IP address of your server, which can be one your main IP addresses or a floating IP.

While they offer more backup options, backup servers require administration just like your main server. This allows you to choose how and from where you want to access your backup files and configure it to suit your needs. It's also possible to centralise data from several servers and from several datacentres. Unlike backup storage, backup servers can be accessed both from the internet and OVHcloud private network. They can also be customised for additional space, and offer guaranteed and unlimited bandwidth for your regular backups.