Harness the power of your data with artificial intelligence (AI)

With our PaaS solutions, you can ensure that a comprehensive data pipeline is in place, from data lake to AI model development and training — right up to the production deployment stage.


  • Host your data with a trusted player.
  • Focus on retrieving values.
  • Get the best price/performance ratio.

Set up your data pipeline

Centralise your data within a data lake such as High Performance Object Storage, to benefit from high throughput with reduced latency.

Clean and process your data with our Data Processing solution, powered by Apache Spark.

Develop your AI models with AI Notebooks, by instantly starting a Jupyter or VS Code notebook.

Train your AI models with AI Training, by running training on one or more CPU/GPU nodes.

Deploy your AI models in production with ML Serving, which supports ONNX, PMML and TensorFlow formats.

Watch our videos to get started with our AI solutions