Managed big data solution

Managed big data solution

Your fully-managed Cloudera big data cluster

OVHcloud, Claranet and Cloudera have worked together to launch a managed, secure big data solution.

By combining the power of OVH’s cloud infrastructures with the synergy of Claranet and Cloudera’s expertise, we can meet the requirements and operational limits of your cloud-based big data projects.

In order to guarantee your satisfaction and our high standard of service delivery, Cloudera Managed by Claranet offers support that includes high-level security, and a round-the-clock, single-support counter. 

Find out more about our fully-managed big data cluster solution.

Through a support phase and workshops, we can help you find the best technical solution to fit your needs.

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OVHcloud cloud infrastructure

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Sovereign cloud solution

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Expertise and support

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Cloudera Enterprise licences

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Service managed by Claranet

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Unique, round-the-clock support

Our partners

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For Cloudera, data can make what is impossible today, possible tomorrow. With Cloudera, you can transform complex data into operational information. It offers an ultra-modern machine learning and analytics platform, optimised for the cloud. Some of the world’s largest companies have chosen Cloudera to help them face their most complex business challenges.

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Founded in 1996, Cloudera is a provider of managed services that specialises in network and application hosting. The Claranet group has 35 offices, and 37 datacentres. With 1,800 employees spread across eight countries, Claranet has become a major player for managed services in Brazil and Europe (360 million euros in revenue), and operates network and hosting solutions for more than 6,500 customers across a wide range of business sectors.