Migrate and manage your data

Migrate your data, and simplify data management

With such a wide range of application environments (virtual machines, containers) available on the market, keeping up with their hardware requirements is an ongoing challenge. Every aspect takes time to manage — from budgets and rack space to network, performance, support contracts and the hardware lifecycle.

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A dedicated, ready-to-use infrastructure

The Nutanix on OVHcloud solution is built on OVHcloud High Grade servers, and pre-installed by us. You manage your resources, control your data and simply apply updates to suit your requirements and constraints.

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A software-scalable solution

Add nodes quickly, then get more CPU and storage resources to suit your needs. You can also move your workloads seamlessly and easily.

Migrate easily to OVHcloud with Nutanix Move.

Sovereignty and reversibility

All of your data is stored in datacentres that are GDPR-compliant, and maintain strict data privacy. You can retrieve your data at any time, without any delays or additional fees.

Transforming CAPEX into OPEX

With a rental model for your infrastructure and no charges for ingress or egress traffic, you can plan and manage your budget with total peace of mind. This way, you can focus on your core business.


How do I deploy my applications in a dedicated environment?

Order a fully-dedicated environment with hardware pre-installed by OVHcloud. You get your own control plane (Prism Central). You can also use our additional services to privatise your exchanges, with OVHcloud Connect and our private network (vRack).

Quick, reversible and secure setup

Say goodbye to hardware purchases and time-consuming, complex integration. Your hyperconverged platform is available in just a few hours, and is ready-to-use in our secure, resilient datacentres.

How do I migrate my applications and virtual machines?

Nutanix Move is quick, easy to manage, and migrates your virtual machines from your on-premises infrastructure or a third-party hosting provider to the Hosted Private Cloud powered by Nutanix solution.