Using a multisite setup with OVHcloud dedicated servers

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What is WordPress multisite?

A multisite is simply the practice of hosting multiple websites in a single location, i.e. a dedicated server. The available resources are divided up between several websites, with no effect on the end users’ experience, in contrast to shared hosting, where you will share the servers’ resources with other users. The multisite option for WordPress websites is an especially popular tool in this regard, allowing users to effortlessly manage multiple sites, while also offering a range of content management, blogging, and search engine optimization tools. However, it is not, by any means, the only available solution.


You want to consolidate your web hosting on a single server

You want to streamline your administration processes You’re looking build a website quickly and get it online straight away
By consolidating all your websites and their subdomains on a single dedicated server, you free yourself of the cost and complications involved in managing multiple physical solutions. You only need to consider one access code, one expiry date, and one hosting solution, with everything managed through your dashboard (sometimes with just one click!).

Managing multiple websites can be extremely time-consuming, but a multisite setup helps mitigate this. With one user retaining the admin password and root directory access (the network administrator, for instance), users can be assigned management rights for individual websites. This minimises time spent on administration, without compromising the security of your sites in any way.

With a solution like WordPress multisite, you only need to install your applications once, and take each new website online straight away. After that, you can add or deactivate additional sites or plugins (Yoast SEO, for example) at your convenience. Once you’ve finished installing these key elements, you can enjoy complete freedom, managing and customizing your online presence in the way that’s right for you.


Why host your multisite on a dedicated server?

A dedicated server at OVHcloud places you in complete control of all the resources you need to successfully install and administer your own multisite. The bare-metal resources will be 100% dedicated to your own website, to ensure optimal performance, availability, and security for each new site you add – far greater than would typically be possible with a virtual host.

This makes a bare-metal server (Advance) from OVHcloud the ideal foundation on which to install WordPress multi-site, providing the ideal space on which to deploy a wide range of websites, from a simple blogging platform to a sophisticated e-commerce site.

Our recommendation

Advance-1 Dedicated Server

From $152.99 $84.99 /month

Server powered by an Intel Xeon E 2386G processor (6c/12t @3.5GHz/4.7GHz)

Advance-2 Dedicated Server

From $182.29 /month

Server powered by an Intel Xeon E 2388G processor (8c/16t @3.2GHz/4.6GHz)

Dedicated server Advance-3

From $230.03 /month

Tip 1. Start with the right dedicated web server

The right choice of hardware is an essential foundation, regardless of whether you’re deploying a single site, or many, and whether you’re using WordPress, or a different platform. Consider what your requirements will be in terms of computing power, and also how you plan to upscale in the future. Whichever server and hosting provider you choose should offer multiple opportunities for interconnection with other physical and virtual hosting solutions, and provide you with root user access.

Tip 2. Select the right hosting control panel

To make the administration of your multisite as efficient and stress-free as possible, you need the right control panel (sometimes called an admin panel). There are multiple options in this regard, depending on your choice of hosting service and content management system – cPanel hosting, Joomla, Plesk, and the WordPress dashboard, for example – each of which offer specific advantages and disadvantages. All of these can be easily installed on OVHcloud dedicated servers, so there is plenty of scope for customising your administration tools and processes.

Tip 3. Consider where your customers are located

Locating your server as close as possible to where your customers are located will minimise your sites’ latency and ensure a better user experience. Consult your server provider to confirm which locations your chosen server can potentially be deployed in. As above, if you are planning on entering other locations and deploying new sites in the future, consider how multiple servers (or even cloud hosting solutions) could potentially be interconnected as part of a secure private network (the OVHcloud vRack, for example), so each new site or subdomain can be deployed in the optimal location.