Externalized file storage for VMs

Externalized file storage for virtualized applications

Today, cloud-native applications take advantage of containerization and virtualization solutions. Both approaches have many advantages, such as providing scalability, reducing overhead costs, standardising software deployments and reducing time to market.

With these new technologies, infrastructure is becoming increasingly 'storage-centric'. OVHcloud's file storage portfolio responds to these needs by allowing businesses to store their data securely, effortlessly, and with higher availability.

Keep control of your storage for virtualized applications
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Our file storage offers are equipped with NVMe/SSD disks and are combined with our high-speed and resilient network. Through these innovations, OVHcloud delivers high performance and low latency.

Seamless integration

Our file storage offers integrate seamlessly with our products and provide a software-defined storage experience for managing your storage volumes.

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Our file storage system is backed up by a HA pair mode and has optimal resilience with a 99.99% SLA guarantee. The HA pair offers two storage arrays, with interconnected controllers. In this configuration, one node can take over its partner's storage to provide continued data service if one partner goes down.

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Tailored storage volumes

Our file storage offers provide various configurations from 1TB up to 58TB regardless of your choice of datacentre.



In most datacentres a virtual infrastructure supports the majority of business-critical applications and workloads.

The most common virtualization technology choices are VMware, Promox, or KVM.

You can build your own virtualization platform on top of our dedicated servers, such as our Advance or Scale ranges, with externalized file storage to manage your virtual machines' data. This is achieved by using the NFS file-storage protocol, which is an ideal choice for your most VM-based environments.


Options and services included

  • Pre-installed virtualization platform: VMware, Prxomox, Linux
  • A range of processor and memory options
  • Premium (Enterprise File Storage) or standard (NAS-HA) storage performance

Scale Servers

Innovative dedicated servers, designed for complex, high-resilience infrastructures.

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High Grade Servers

The High Grade range is optimised to meet new challenges of converged infrastructures and storage. These servers are designed to run industry-leading software and solutions in highly resilient environments.

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With the OVHcloud NAS-HA storage, you get centralised storage or backup space for your data.

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Enterprise File Storage

Enterprise File Storage is a NetApp ONTAP Select software-defined storage solution, managed by OVHcloud.

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