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How AI scales up in the cloud

Read this whitepaper to explore the business benefits of cloud-based AI solutions.

Learn how AI in the cloud:

•    Increases ROI, with no initial setup fees and an OpEx model
•    Simplifies data storage, models development, training and deployment
•    Makes it easier to analyse data and conform to MLOps processes

Solutions for the entire pipeline

Drive efficiency with AI solutions designed for every stage of your pipeline - from data processing and object storage to model training and deployment. Watch this video to learn more!

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AI Pipeline

Centralise your data within a data lake such as High Performance Object Storage, to benefit from high throughput with reduced latency.

Clean and process your data with our Data Processing solution, powered by Apache Spark.

Develop your AI models with AI Notebooks, by instantly starting a Jupyter or VS Code notebook.

Train your AI models with AI Training, by running training on one or more CPU/GPU nodes.

Deploy your AI models or apps in production with AI Deploy.

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AI tools designed for multiple use cases.

Available only in Europe or North America data centers

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“Moving AI model training from an On-Premise approach to OVHcloud AI Training gave us a flexibility and power that we couldn’t have achieved internally. The solution is very simple to use: We can set the number of GPUs and the amount of RAM we need in advance. This is very useful when you know how many resources you will need ahead of time.”

Dr. Hamza Saouli, Innovation Director at Customs Bridge

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“We’ve tried out all the leading American hyperscalers and OVHcloud is certainly the Cloud service we found most user friendly. In just a few days, the whole team was fully operational, so our researchers could start innovating more quickly. The production infrastructure delivered by OVHcloud brings us the best performing GPUs, which is absolutely critical for our business.”

Aaron Jones, CEO of Yepic.AI

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OVHcloud is a leading cloud provider. With 33 datacentres worldwide and an expanding portfolio of next-generation solutions, our technology has helped 1.6 million customers to increase growth, optimise performance and gain total sovereignty over their data.


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