vScope datacentre virtualisation

 Avec vScope, visualisez en temps réel votre datacenter

View your datacentre in real-time, with vScope

When you are managing an infrastructure, it is important to get a quick view of the health and resource usage of your virtual machines. This is why each Hosted Private Cloud solution comes with a monitoring and supervision tool. This way, you can anticipate any actions that need to be taken on your private datacentre.

A tool designed for Hosted Private Cloud

vScope is an interface designed by OVHcloud to make infrastructure management easier. It is included by default with your Hosted Private Cloud.

A simple, efficient view

It is sometimes difficult to understand monitoring services. This is why we designed a simple interface, which will give you all the important information you need to manage your platform.

Variable granularity

With vScope, you can get an overall view, and also focus on more specific information. For example, you can select specific periods, and carry out a detailed analysis of events that took place during your chosen time period.

Need support or information?

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vScope key features

Monitoring de votre Hosted Private Cloud

Monitoring on your Hosted Private Cloud

vScope provides a dashboard, which lists all of the useful information on your resources. For each host, you will see the number of cores and VMs, the load for the processor and RAM, and the network traffic. And to make it all easier to read, each element of information is displayed with a colour code (green, orange, red or black). At a glance, you can see your datacentre’s state, and anticipate whether you need to deploy new resources.

Vue globale et vue détaillée

Overall and detailed views

By double-clicking on a host or a VM, you can get more information on its resources. You can also access a usage log for a day, a week, a month or even a year. You can then use your mouse to zoom in on a specific period. You don’t need to install any software in order to do this.