Certification PCI DSS pour l'hébergement de données bancaires

PCI DSS certification for financial data hosting

Payment card data requires especially high care and security, because it is sensitive data, and is often a target for fraudulent activity. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) level 1 certification ensures that banking organisations and users of online services have a high level of security. Organisations that process this confidential data meet the specific security requirements defined by this certification. The framework is edited and maintained by the PCI Council, a professional group of payment card providers including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB and Discovery. This security standard is one of the strictest in terms of confidential data protection.

Our PCI DSS-certified products

Our Hosted Private Cloud SDDC solution has been PCI DSS 3.2 certified since 2015. Our datacentres in France, Canada, the UK, Germany and Poland hold this certification.

Optimal security

We have added further security measures to our PCI DSS-certified solutions. These include token validation for critical actions, access control lists (ACLs) for administration interfaces, specific reports on sensitive actions, and specific features for account management.

A simplified approach to compliance

With a PCI DSS-certified infrastructure, you can simplify the way you ensure compliance with security standards that are currently in force. OVHcloud will help you ensure compliance, and will provide you with the documents you need for PCI DSS certification.

Our PCI DSS-certified SDDC and vSAN solutions

Packs Price per month
SDDC 16 (2 hosts each with 16 GB of RAM and 6 cores) S$1,281.56 ex. GST/month
SDDC 64 (2 hosts each with 64 GB of RAM and 10 cores) S$3,154.20 ex. GST/month
SDDC 128 (2 hosts each with 128 GB of RAM and 10 cores) S$4,340.00 ex. GST/month
SDDC 256 (2 hosts each with 256 GB of RAM and 20 cores) S$7,121.24 ex. GST/month
SDDC 512 (2 hosts each with 512 GB of RAM and 20 cores) S$10,047.24 ex. GST/month
vSAN 256 (3 hosts each with 256 GB of RAM and 20 cores) S$12,446.56 ex. GST/month
vSAN 512 (3 hosts each with 512 GB of RAM and 20 cores) S$17,297.56 ex. GST/month
Host With PCI-DSS certification
SDDC 16 S$511.28 ex. GST/month
SDDC 64 S$1,447.60 ex. GST/month
SDDC 128 S$2,040.50 ex. GST/month
SDDC 256 S$3,431.12 ex. GST/month
SDDC 512 S$4,894.12 ex. GST/month
vSAN 256 S$4,062.52 ex. GST/month
vSAN 512 S$5,679.52 ex. GST/month
Datastore Price per hour Price per month
2 TB S$86.59 ex. GST/hour S$58,389.00 ex. GST/month
3 TB S$135.13 ex. GST/hour S$91,179.00 ex. GST/month
6 TB S$252.55 ex. GST/hour S$169,899.00 ex. GST/month
9 TB S$350.29 ex. GST/hour S$235,499.00 ex. GST/month
18 TB S$701.23 ex. GST/hour S$471,629.00 ex. GST/month
36 TB S$1,394.59 ex. GST/hour S$937,379.00 ex. GST/month

PCI DSS-certified solutions for hosting financial data

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