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Get free email accounts with your OVHcloud web hosting plan

From sending emails to creating customer accounts, an email address is essential for getting the most out of your online customer base. As a company, displaying a contact email address on your website is necessary for your visitors to be able to contact you. At OVHcloud, you can get custom email accounts linked to your domain name for free, as they are included in our web hosting plans.

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Privacy and security

Your emails are hosted in our datacentres, and are fully secure. Our infrastructures are compliant with EU standards, as well as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Custom business email

Your email accounts are linked to your domain name, so they will match your brand. This will help you build trust with customers, and add a professional edge to your email communications.

Anti-virus and anti-spam

We apply anti-virus and anti-spam protection to your email accounts, to prevent unwanted or fraudulent emails.

Explore our web hosting packages with free email addresses included

In addition to the range of services included with your OVHcloud web hosting plan, get free business email addresses.

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Your free business email address

Maintaining customer trust is vital, especially when it comes to online exchanges. Creating a custom email address with your domain name will convey a professional image to your customers. It proves reliability, control and security for your data.

A free UK email address included with your domain name

For all domain name orders with OVHcloud, you get free services — including a 5GB email account and a 10MB web hosting space. It is perfect for creating a static webpage, presenting your contact details and giving a quick description of your business. This is a good starting point for your digital communication, before you go any further with a more advanced website or e-commerce store.

Account management interfaces and email access

Manage your free email accounts easily, and create new ones via the OVHcloud Control Panel. To check your emails, you can use your usual email client, or our webmail tool — which enables you to access your email accounts directly via your web browser. You can access your emails from anywhere, at any time and on any device — including smartphones, tablets and computers.

Email solutions to suit every need

In addition to the free email addresses included with your web hosting plan, we also offer other email solutions to suit your needs. Explore Email Pro, a solution adapted for freelance business owners and professionals. Hosted Exchange, for startups, very small businesses and SMEs. Private Exchange, for SMEs and key accounts. Finally, there is Trusted Exchange — our professional, custom email solution.

Work collaboratively, wherever you are

Whether you're in the office, working remotely or on the go, our collaborative solutions will keep you connected. With Hosted Exchange — which is hosted in our datacentres — you can work as a team, edit and view your documents at any time with an internet connection. From storage space to electronic document management, every aspect of this tool is designed to simplify the way your teams work together.

Your questions answered

What is the best free mailbox?

The best free mailbox is one that offers uncompromised data protection. We also recommend ensuring that you always have the option of retrieving your emails, and transferring them if necessary. A service that offers free email addresses may be discontinued in the future, so it is important to maintain a degree of flexibility. At OVHcloud, the email accounts provided with your hosting package or domain name can be easily transferred if required, with the OVHcloud Mail Migrator (OMM). We apply the principle of reversibility to all our solutions.

Which business email solution should I choose?

We offer a wide range of email solutions for your business. The best choice for you will depend on your company’s current needs, such as the number of mailboxes you need, the storage space they offer, and the types of additional services they include. Your business email address must ensure maximum availability, as well as integrity and confidentiality for the data stored on the email server.

How do I create a free email address?

Once you have ordered your Web Hosting plan or domain name, go to the OVHcloud Control Panel. Click on the ‘Email’ tab for the service concerned, and create a new email address. Then simply enter the name and password you want to use: your mailbox is automatically created. For Web Hosting plans, you will need to link a domain name to create a custom email address.

What is email hosting?

Unlike an email service provider, email hosting provides users with an email server. This server can be shared by several customers, or dedicated to a single company, offering more usability and customisation options. Email addresses can be created in connection with a domain name, to reflect a company’s brand identity.

Is it possible to have an ethical email address?

Behind the scenes with free web services, your personal data is often used for advertising purposes. However, there are alternatives to market players that do not respect the confidentiality of data exchanged electronically. OVHcloud services are one of these alternatives, ensuring compliance with EU standards and the GDPR.

How do I manage my company's email addresses?

You can manage each email address for your company via the OVHcloud Control Panel. You can order new accounts, delete the ones that are no longer used, or simply change the password. With Outlook Web Access (OWA) webmail, you can view your emails via your web browser, on your computer or mobile device. With other collaborative services, you can complement your business requirements as they grow.

How do I store emails?

All of our email solutions come with a storage space for each email account. This is used to store the messages you receive. By syncing your email software (Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.), you can read your received messages and emails stored on the server from all your platforms. Backups are taken daily, in case you need to recover your email services in the future. Have you accidentally deleted items like your emails, contacts, calendar events, or tasks? You can restore them within 14 days of their deletion.

Which webmail clients are offered?

The webmail client you use will depend on the email solution you have chosen. For Email Pro solutions, you can use Roundcube webmail, which is a free email client available in over 80 languages. It supports IMAP protocol and can read mails in HTML. For Hosted Exchange and Private Exchange solutions, the webmail used is the web version of Outlook.

What is an SMTP server?

The SMTP server (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is the service responsible for sending emails. This email server ensures coordination by sending your email to the recipient’s email address server. If we compare this to postal services, it is the company you send your mail with, whose job it is to deliver it to the right address. Each email service provider has its own SMTP server addresses, as well as a port and security. OVHcloud’s SSL certificate is, port 465, and SSL/TLS security.