Our commitments

Our commitments are based on 4 pillars: trust, sustainability, innovation, and the ecosystem

Partners Global presence

A trusted cloud

We uphold our vision of a trusted, secure and autonomous cloud in order to meet our users’ needs, and to contribute to and drive public discourse.

Le support OVH, l'engagement auprès de nos clients
Eco Range

A sustainable cloud

A key concern for our customers is the impact of their activities. As a global infrastructure provider, we must constantly optimise our industrialisation processes and control our environmental footprint.

Open innovation

We want to help everyone innovate freely. Thanks to the open cloud that we offer to our ecosystem of customers and partners, they can make use of our transparent, reversible and interoperable solutions.

Access to Innovations

A powerful ecosystem

Our support programmes are founded on a desire to grow and succeed together, while ensuring everyone has control over their data and the freedom to innovate and thrive.