SMS Push

SMS Push

Send SMS push messages to keep your contacts in the loop, and communicate with your customers.

Create a buzz with your customers

Looking to send a targeted message promoting your service to customers, or add value to your solutions? Push SMS messages are perfect for all uses — whether you are looking to highlight your products, notify a customer that their package is delivered, or confirm receipt of a payment.

With our SMS Pro packs, you can target your SMS recipients, wherever they are located in the world. Develop high-quality, adapted communication with your customers.

Tell your contacts about future events

With SMS push messages, you can send any type of information (administrative, editorial, organisational) — whether it is scheduled or recurring. There is no limit to the number or segmentation of recipients. They will also be unable to reply to this type of SMS.

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Did you know?

  • With SMS push messages, you can send up to 100,000 texts per hour to an unlimited number of recipients.
  • The shorter your message is, the more effective it will be.
    SMS messaging is a basic support that proves to be highly efficient (90% read rate) — and with a short text space, only vital information can be included.

  • An authentic message will not be considered as spam, and a call to action can boost your conversion rate: e.g., ‘Tap here’, ‘Meet at’, ‘Find out more’.
  • It is also worth including links to webpages (adapted for smartphones), and sending several SMS messages during a campaign to raise interest, and keep your customers engaged.