Automated text messages

Automated text messages

Send reminders and alerts via SMS.

Never miss another event

From birthdays and meetings to recurring events, promotions, and much more.
Schedule SMS sending, and maintain your customer relationships automatically.

Do you own a garage? Send your customers SMS reminders about technical inspections for their vehicles. Running a medical practice? Make sure your patients attend their appointments by sending them a reminder the day before. Managing a security company? Receive SMS alerts for potential intrusions of the sites you monitor.

With automated text messages, you can quickly send information to a group of senders at a low cost.

Stronger security

What benefits are there for recipients?

Collaboration and mobility

SMS messaging is the perfect alert solution. There are several reasons for this.

  • They are sent and received instantly.
  • They are accessible to almost everyone, even while they’re travelling abroad.
  • They convey information in a short, concise format.
  • They offer quick read and reply rates. The time it takes to read an SMS message is a few seconds, compared to an average of 48 hours for an email message.
  • They are archived, so recipients can find important information, such as the delivery address of their package or the order number.

Set up automated text messages

You can now integrate the OVHcloud API into your internal applications, such as CRM tools and databases.