Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for Enterprise

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for Enterprise

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for Enterprise

If your teams are spread across multiple locations – potentially even in different countries – a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) delivers the flexibility, scalability and cost optimisation required to manage even the most critical working environments and streamline the administration of your workspace equipment. That's why, in order to ensure you never have to compromise when it comes to your working environments, OVHcloud has combined the power of a dedicated, managed environment, with the world's leading desktop virtualisation product: VMware Horizon.


Your VDI incorporates numerous elements to provide you with a secure infrastructure that can handle the most critical applications, including a private network, secure connections to Active Directory, and automatic updates for security and VMware Horizon.

Anywhere, anytime

We no longer work in the same way we used to. Employees expect a flexible working environment, independent of their device and location. The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure was created with this in mind, and is available anytime, anywhere, with minimum latency.


A cloud-based VDI offers the flexibility to add or remove additional resources, allowing you to you adapt your environment in real-time, in order to offer the best possible conditions to your end users, while retaining complete control of your budget.

Increase business agility and improve your user experience

Effortlessly create and manage an entire global desktop fleet.

Protect your data and maintain access control with the most advanced security features.

Simplify user access by connecting your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to your trusted active directory.

Take advantage of the world's leading desktop virtualisation tool: VMware Horizon 7.

How it works


Activate your VDI Hosted Private Cloud

Define the resources you need to launch and scale your Virtual Desktop fleet. Enjoy both the security of a dedicated infrastructure and the scalability of the cloud, with the flexibility to adjust your platform in just a few clicks.

Step 2 OVHcloud

Create and configure your virtual resources, with VMware Horizon

Directly deploy your virtual environment via vSphere, and determine the various types of desktops you require for your specific use cases. You can then effortlessly associate your virtual desktops with specific users.

Step 3 OVHcloud

Secure your data, with fully isolated connections

A private network allows your users to access their workspaces through a secure, totally isolated connection, whether you are utilising a full cloud-based infrastructure, or a hybrid cloud model, where on-premises resources are interconnected via OVHcloud Connect.

Key Features


Administrators can effortlessly manage resources, allowing them to provision and maintain desktops in a centralised way, using VMware Horizon, with all data hosted in our OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud datacentres.


Your VDI incorporates numerous elements to provide you with a secure infrastructure that can handle the most critical applications, including a private network, secure connections to Active Directory, and automatic updates for security and VMware Horizon.


Building a hybrid storage infrastructure, combining traditional storage with vSAN hosts, will help you manage the level of performance required for each project – from the most basic usage, to advanced, resource-intensive business applications.

High availability

OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud provides a safe and dedicated environment, with enterprise-grade features to ensure the high availability of your applications.

Arcade Beauty

Arcade Beauty

“One of the goals of Arcade Beauty’s digital transformation was to enable global collaboration and teamwork, to fulfil the “one company” vision. With Hosted Private Cloud at the heart of the enterprise, we have increased our efficiency by connecting all European production sites. The company is now better equipped to deliver innovative sampling solutions to its world-class customers.”

Patrick Zawadzki, CIO for Europe of Arcade Beauty
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What is a virtual desktop infrastructure?

A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) takes the concept of the virtual desktop to the next level. It allows multiple virtual desktops to be managed via a single, centralised dashboard – in this case, VMware Horizon. This makes the provisioning and management of multiple virtual desktops, across multiple locations worldwide. Multiple desktop fleets can be created, with the administrator retaining full control of each fleet’s user profiles and permissions. Users can then connect to their desktops remotely, wherever they are in the world.

OVHcloud’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution offers a new approach to this concept, combining VMware’s industry-leading virtual desktop technology with the power, flexibility and scalability of our own Hosted Private Cloud. With VMware Horizon, administrators enjoy full control over every access point for the VDI, answering many of the common concerns about data security when using virtual desktops. You enjoy complete freedom to configure your connections in the way that best suits your various use cases, including the ability to keep each fleet fully isolated, with its own security rules.

Furthermore, your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can be securely interconnected to any of your other OVHcloud solutions, at any of our datacentres, so you can effortlessly integrate it into your existing infrastructure and start making use of it straight away.

How can a virtual desktop infrastructure help your organisation?

If you manage different groups of employees across multiple locations around the world, delivering a flexible, secure remote working environment represents a major challenge – one that a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure offers an elegant solution to. In many cases, deploying multiple virtual desktops will prove prohibitively expensive and time-consuming, but a VDI provides maximum control over both the desktops, and the resources required to power them, thanks to the flexibility of the OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud.

By hosting your applications, virtual machines and virtual desktops on the same cloud infrastructure, you consolidate your resources, enhancing both security and flexibility, with VMware’s cutting-edge virtualisation technology making the entire process as stress-free as possible. Furthermore, as your workforce expands, your requirements change and you enter new locations, you will be able to provision the resources you need, as you need them, with just a single click, allowing you to intelligently scale up or down in real-time, while maintaining full control of your costs and security.

This way, your virtual desktop infrastructure architecture can evolve in parallel with your organisation, ensuring you can always offer your employees a world-class remote working experience, with zero compromise in terms of performance, data security, or cost optimisation.