Document catalogues

Multimedia catalogues use object storage to balance volume and cost.

Object Storage for storing and distributing content

With object storage, data is stored as standalone devices called “objects”. Each of these objects consists of the data, a unique identifier and the associated metadata. A typical use case for object storage is for catalogues of documents handled by applications, which provide static content including images, text files, tables, audio or video. Object storage is ideal for the optimal deployment of content catalogue applications.

Entertainment companies (particularly video streaming companies) have very high capacity requirements so that they can store, transcode, secure and stream increasingly large amounts of content - up to thousands of terabytes or hundreds of petabytes. They therefore need a guaranteed high read-write performance for their platforms to work properly.

Why choose OVHcloud Object Storage?

OVHcloud offers a highly scalable object storage solution for all your unstructured data (video, audio, text files, etc.) in an unlimited space that expands according to your needs. 

All actions can be carried out via S3 APIs. This feature makes automation possible, and makes integration easier in the application layers using your data. The S3 libraries, available in your preferred languages, will also make this integration easier. All your data can be managed from your application. For example, you can define the access rules to give online visitors read-only access.

Our High Performance Object Storage range offers the consistent performance required to withstand content storage and delivery challenges such as high-definition video streaming.

Advantage 1: Host your data on a highly scalable storage solution

You no longer need to anticipate when you will need extra storage space - you can simply increase it when you need to. Store all types of files, without being hindered by low disk space.

Advantage 2: Secure your data in a sovereign cloud

Your data is protected with Erasure Coding and is hosted on a sovereign cloud, by a provider who is conscious about the confidentiality and reversibility of your data.

Advantage 3: Enjoy competitive and transparent pricing

Our Object Storage range offers the best prices on the market for storing your data. Our pricing model is transparent and fully predictable, so you won't have any nasty surprises at the end of the month.