Public sector innovation

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Public institutions leverage OVHcloud AI Training to modernize services and infrastructures

AI & ML training for public sector innovation

Public administrations, such as city halls and local governments, are increasingly looking to cloud solutions in their efforts to modernize management of infrastructure and public services. This process involves yielding vast amounts of non-sensitive data from various sources; such as CCTV camera footage, traffic flow monitoring, waste management, infrastructure maintenance, transport optimization, and much more. Public sector IT departments and data practitioners are able to mine this non-sensitive information to create value. 

The training-as-a-service solution offers a cost effective, fast and scalable way to train your algorithms.

Why choose OVHcloud AI Training?

OVHcloud AI Training allows you to easily train your Machine Learning models and avoid time-consuming and complex computing resource management. It relies on OVHcloud's public cloud infrastructure, which has the best price-to-performance ratio on the market.

OVHcloud AI training will enable data annotation and labelling thanks to expert partners and works with any data type (images, videos, text or sound). 

OVHcloud's solution is a perfect fit for processing huge amounts of data, as it’s based on agile and responsive GPU-as-a-service.

The solution is based on a single environment and platform, so you can start your application in production from either the beginning or from the PoC phase.

Benefit 1: Drastically reduce your costs for GPU as a service

By choosing OVHcloud's best-in-class GPU infrastructure, you drastically reduce your Total Cost of Ownership, while benefiting from the agility and scalability you need to run your AI training and support your data innovation lab. You also keep your data secure in a local jurisdiction - ensuring full GDPR compliance.

Benefit 2: Significantly reduce time-to-delivery

Significantly reduce time-to-delivery with automated processes. By utilising several VMs simultaneously, task parallelization greatly reduces the amount of time necessary to perform training.

Benefit 3: Free your data teams from infrastructure management

Infrastructure management is complex and time-consuming. OVHcloud AI training is based on Infrastructure-as-Code, so it hides any infrastructure related complexity. This frees up data teams so they can focus on key priorities