NLP for customer service

OVHcloud AI Training

AI startups train their NLP models on OVHcloud AI Training to improve the quality of corporate customer support 

NLP model training for customer service

AI continues to accelerate digital transformation in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) sector and has greatly improved the quality of service. By engaging in open innovation, AI startups and large companies have embraced the Natural Language Processing (NLP) revolution. Dealing with high volumes of multi-channel customer requests can be difficult to process, especially with limited resources. 

As an NLP tech expert, finding a scalable and cost-efficient platform to train your ML model at scale is a key challenge.

Why choose OVHcloud AI Training?

The solution offers your startup a single platform to perform all your training. To effectively train your NLP models and reliably infer sentiment, the solution is able to process large amounts of labelled data.

OVHcloud AI Training will enable you to perform data labelling: train your model and compute its uncertainty on the unlabelled data pool.

The flexibility of OVHcloud AI Training allows external models to be incorporated onto the platform; trained on data labelled within it, bench-marked against other models, and optimized for the specific use case.

When performing your training, you benefit from OVHcloud’s GPU-as-a-service, which offers the best price-to-performance ratio on the market. Thanks to job parallelization, you can drastically reduce your training times while benefiting from the power and scalability of our Public Cloud GPU.

Benefit 1: Shorten your development life-cycle

Job parallelization significantly shortens training times.

Benefit 2: Empower your R&D/data lab with the best AI training tools & services

Train your NLP model from experimentation to deployment. Benchmark within a single platform, which includes all the tools, capabilities and services you need.

Benefit 3: Free your staff from complex infrastructure management

Leverage OVHcloud’s Infrastructure-as-code offering to free your data practitioners from complex management tasks.