Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

Custom support to seamlessly adopt a cloud-native approach

The Professional Services team is made up of passionate Cloud Architects with expertise in a wide range of technologies and use cases — including cloud migration, application modernisation, network, security, virtualisation, container, orchestration, and much more.

Our Cloud Architects are certified by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) in several areas of expertise, such as Kubernetes Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) and Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD). Our teams will support you in defining, implementing and optimising your infrastructure, to ensure that you get all the scalability, security and performance required for your applications to run in a cloud-native environment.

Kubernetes certified service provider

Examples of custom services

Design and sizing for your Kubernetes clusters

Configuring your private network (vRack) and network access rules

Migrating your existing workloads to the cloud

Application modernisation to a micro-service architecture

Migration of on-premises workloads to our Managed Kubernetes Service

Using Public Cloud ecosystem services such as the Load Balancer, DBaaS, and Registry

Our teams can also help you deploy CNCF ecosystem technologies.

  • Build a full CI/CD stack (GitLab or Drone runner)
  • Deployment and Operation with GitOps (ArgoCD)
  • Certificate management and automated DNS provisioning
  • Security management (OPA, RBAC, SSO, Content Trust)
  • Monitoring and log management (Prometheus stack and Loki/Grafana)
  • Deploying Kubernetes clusters with Rancher
  • Backup and DRP with solutions like Kasten

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