HGR-STOR-2 Dedicated Servers


Thanks to high-performance disk caches, a high-bandwidth redundant network, and a storage capacity of up to 1,428 TB, you get a durable platform where you can implement a high-density, high-performance storage infrastructure.

This platform is composed of a server connected to a JBOD chassis that can accommodate up to 102 SAS HDDs. In addition to the cache and storage disk options, this server has a redundant, very high-bandwidth network with a guaranteed speed of up to 100 Gbps, to interconnect your OVHcloud servers and services.

  • Dedicated system disks
  • Hot-swap technology
  • Dual power supply (2xPSU)
  • OVHcloud Link Aggregation (OLA)
  • Service Level Agreement - 99.99%
Cpu :
Memory :
Storage :
Bandwidth :
Vrack :
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