Web PaaS Powered by Platform.sh

Web PaaS Powered by Platform.sh

Focus on your code! We handle the rest

Automated, flexible and fully managed stack platform "as a service" for web developers to deploy their source code using Git in any language or framework, without the need for server management knowledge.


Unleash your code faster than ever

From order, to your first line of code, to production in a matter of minutes, and without DevOps. Everything is automated for effortless deployment, anytime.

"Friday deployments anyone?"

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Your website, your language, your choice

PHP MySQL, NodeJS, Python, .net and many more of your favorite frameworks, languages, and databases. All integrated and deployed in 1-click with project templates.

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Collaborative Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

CI/CD development and collaborative best practices, by design. Branch, test, run, iterate, scale and instant clone the production and database to staging environments, with snapshots available in 2 to 5 minutes.

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Guaranteed data sovereignty and GDPR compliance

As members of the Gaia-X initiative, Platform.sh share our European values. Your data is sovereign, secure and free from intrusive data laws.

Migrate, test, run, iterate and scale faster!

You build code - we execute and run

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In order to watch the video, you need to accept the Sharing cookies on third-party platforms privacy category in our Privacy Center. You have the option of withdrawing your consent at any time.

For more information,visit the Vimeo cookies policy and the OVHcloud cookies policy .


Ready-to-use environment templates

More than 60 Open Source languages and frameworks deployed with a single click: PHP, NodeJS, Python, Drupal, Symfony, Wordpress, Strapi, etc. See the full list of available templates.


Add your favorite database

MariaDB, Postgresql, Solr, Redis, MySQL, etc.

One line of code to add a service and easy version management. Platform.sh handles the updates and security patches.


Keep the same dev tools

GitOps as a service for easy CI/CD with all major Dev Tools integration and workflow hooks: Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, Slack, Webhooks, BlackFire.

Supports stateful apps, stateless apps, and worker processes.


Run, clone, iterate and deploy

Instantly clone your environment and databases, from production to staging, with snapshots available nearly immediately. 

Developers gain access to a perfect copy, with production data enabling fast fixes, as well as updates which are added to preview publishing for end-user feedback.

Even the end-user can push to production after  preview approval!

Who is Platform.sh?

Platform.sh is a multi award-winning PaaS company whose infrastructure management software enables thousands of clients to effortlessly build, run and scale applications. Users report increased peak performance, better resiliency, and incredible operational efficiency. In turn, clients benefit from skyrocketing productivity and massive reductions in overall costs, allowing developers to focus on the end user experience rather than worrying about back-end tasks. In partnership with OVHcloud, Platform.sh is a fully European solution, with guaranteed GDPR compliance and data-sovereignty.

Choose the best plan for your needs



£22.88 ex. VAT/month or £27.46 incl. VAT/month

See the offers

£63.17 ex. VAT/month or £75.80 incl. VAT/month

See the offers

£127.26 ex. VAT/month or £152.71 incl. VAT/month

See the offers

User licenses


3 to 5

> 10


App unique: PHP/node.js/Python

Single Service: mariadb/memcached

No limitation with 60 Open Source languages and frameworks available

No limitation  with 60 Open Source languages and frameworks available

Initial Storage

5 GB

10 GB

10 GB

Internal Git server


Git integrations (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket)


Automated Backup plan (production only)

1 per week (retention 2 weeks - count:2)

1 per day (retention 1 week - count:7)
+ 1 per week (retention 2 weeks - count:2)

1 per day (retention 1 week - count:7)
+ 1 per week (retention 2 weeks - count:2)


More details on the offers specifications



£22.88 ex. VAT/month or £27.46 incl. VAT/month
£63.17 ex. VAT/month or £75.80 incl. VAT/month
£127.26 ex. VAT/month or £152.71 incl. VAT/month





VCPU for each environment

from 1 (prod) & 0.5 (test)

from 1 (prod) & 0.5 (test)

from 1 (prod) & 0.5 (test)

RAM per Prod. vCPU

1.2 GB

1.2 GB

1.2 GB

Additional vCPUs per production environment

Each additional Prod. vCPU includes 0.5 vCPU per test environment

Each additional Prod. vCPU includes 0.5 vCPU per test environment

Each additional Prod. vCPU includes 0.5 vCPU per test environment

Test environments

1 included

1 included

1 included

Additional test environment

From £9.15 ex. VAT/month or £10.98 incl. VAT/month

From £11.44 ex. VAT/month or £13.73 incl. VAT/month

From £11.44 ex. VAT/month or £13.73 incl. VAT/month

Additional user licences

Not available

From £9.15 ex. VAT/month or £10.98 incl. VAT/month

From £9.15 ex. VAT/month or £10.98 incl. VAT/month

Additional storage

From £2.28 ex. VAT/month or £2.74 incl. VAT/month

From £2.28 ex. VAT/month or £2.74 incl. VAT/month

From £2.28 ex. VAT/month or £2.74 incl. VAT/month

Offer features

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Clone with complete accuracy, at speed:

Clone your production cluster to create ephemeral development environments on-the-fly – your data, your services, everything is perfectly cloned.

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Wide selection of runtimes:

60+ Languages and many environments available, with features of recommended optimisations for several framework templates.

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Data sovereignty:

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance and EU-only data hosting for guaranteed data sovereignty.

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Crystal clear pricing:

Our transparent pricing system means you avoid hidden costs. Enjoy unlimited bandwidth with a simple monthly payment.

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Performance flexibility:

Don’t get locked in. Upgrade and downgrade* your platform options according to your needs !

*It's not possible to downgrade storage or to downgrade 'Develop/Expand' plans to the 'Start' plan

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Staging performance in-line with production:

Pre-production environments’ scale up with your production’s options (vCPU and RAM). Give every feature its own effective staging environment before merging to production, for better use of git-flow methodologies.

Web PaaS powered by Platform.sh range

Whether you’re a solo developer, or part of a large team, there is a range of offers to choose from. You'll keep control of the performance and scalability with no hidden costs and unlimited bandwidth with upfront monthly payment. The Start offer is ideal for solo developers or proof of concept projects. The Develop and Expand offers provide a solution for more advanced and collaborative web development.

How to start with Web PaaS powered by Platform.sh

Your questions answered

What are examples of technical concepts and definitions that will help me understand the Web PaaS?

Framework: To help developers build applications, frameworks might include code libraries, tool sets, an API,  compilers and support programs. They unify all the necessary components that enable project development. Web frameworks support web apps such as web services, resources and APIs.

Git: A system to track changes in files with the goal of increasing efficiency, data integrity, and support for non-linear workflows. It helps developers to coordinate and work collaboratively.

Development Branch: Development branches enables software development teams to work simultaneously on specific parts of a project without impacting each other. Teams organize more efficiently by branching and merging on a shared code base.

Technical Stack: Technical stacks combine programming languages, frameworks, a database, front-end tools, back-end tools, and applications connected via APIs. Developers use these to build web sites and apps. Apps are comprised of a client side and a server side, with each layer built atop the one below, thus creating a stack.

Provisioning: Refers to setting up or adding to IT infra, or the steps required to manage access to resources or data (and to make them available).

DevOps: A combination of development and operations. Usually refers to a companies IT development and operations teams. Web PaaS powered by Platform.sh automates the vast majority of DevOps tasks.

CLI: Command line program that executes operating system functions using text input. Allows for better control and operation. Used in programming environments and utility programs. With Web PaaS powered by Platform.sh, every action available in the User Graphical Interface is also available in the Command Line Interface (CLI).

Clone (Snapshot): A clone is a perfect copy. It is a snapshot of your entire production environment, including content, code, configuration, services, databases and database content. Clones make it possible for developers to work on real data on their per-production branches.

How do I collaborate with multiple developers on the same environment?

Each Web PaaS user has a role that controls their access and permission levels. Different roles allow different levels of access to your applications, environments and projects. You can manage how users interact with your project and environments at Web PaaS.

Any user added to a project or an environment type on Web PaaS will need to register for an account before they can contribute.

Why create multiple environments for my web projects?

Environments are separate instances of applications, which include all the required services. They're complete working environments that are isolated from others in the project. 

Projects often include the production environment as well as one or more additional environments. These environments are perfect for development, testing, staging, review, etc.

Environments can be created via the CLI, through a Git Clone, or on the solution's web console.

Technical FAQ?

For technical details on the product (branches, services, local filesystem, SSH, etc.), please read our technical FAQ.

Which runtime environments and services are available with the different solutions?

Platform.sh offers you access to a wide range of frameworks, programming languages and web services.

  • With the Start solution: express, gatsby, koa, moinmoin, nodejs, pelican, php, probot, python 2, sculpin, symfony 3, symfony4, symfony5, WordPress.
  • With the Develop and Expand solutions: aspnet-core, backdrop, beego, django, govcms8, drupal, opigno, echo, elastic-apm, express, flask, gatsby, gin, golang, hugo, jenkins, jetty, koa, Laravel, lisp, magento2ce.

Can I migrate to a higher or lower solution?

You can stay on the solution you have chosen and allocate additional resources (vCPU, test environments, storage) or reduce its attributes, depending on your needs. Only the additional storage option cannot be cancelled once it has been set up. The additional storage option is expressed and billed on a monthly basis for 5Gb packs per environment.
You can also upgrade to a higher plan if you want more flexibility and more users.
Finally, you can only switch to a lower plan from the Expand solution to the Develop solution. You cannot migrate a project from a Develop or Expand solution to a Start solution.

Am I in a contract? For how long?

You are signed up for a one-month period with automatic renewal. Your bill will be amended if you upgrade to a higher plan during the month.

What is a development platform?


An application development platform is a PaaS solution that allows developers to create, manage, test, and deploy their business applications in a simple, centralised way. Regardless of the programming language, it allows teams to code without worrying about testing and delivery phases. This gives developers an opportunity to gain speed and flexibility in the production and marketing of a large number of business applications.


What can a PaaS do for you?


  • Provide infrastructure
  • Orchestrate containers
  • Self-heal containers
  • Manage Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipeline (CI/CD)
  • Fully manage services, including databases, search engines, message queues, caches, network storage.
  • Provide Application Runtimes
  • Offer API provisioning
  • Handle Licensing
  • Run Patching
  • Secure your environments
  • Backup
  • Provide user Web interface and CLI

What do you have to do?


Hand over the platform to developers so they need to only focus on their source code !

The advantages of CI/CD:

The CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) process is designed to speed up the production, development and delivery of business applications.

  • Since the developer’s application code is constantly being tested, this method allows for a high scalability of the application produced in a stable environment.
  • Simplifying programming tasks for developers allows them to make corrections to their code more often, thus improving its quality and the user experience.
  • More collaborative work between developer team members.
  • Avoid cascading integration issues and reduce technical debt.
  • Platform.sh CI/CD pipeline includes a perfect and instant clone of the whole production into staging environments. The whole platform, its content, its databases and configuration are replicated into the new branches. All this within 2 minutes.