Web PaaS powered by Platform.sh

Web PaaS powered by Platform.sh

Focus on your code! We handle the rest

Automated, flexible and fully managed stack platform as a service for web developers to deploy their source code to Git in any language or framework without need server management knowledge.

  • Unleash your code faster than ever!
  • Your website, your language, your choice
  • Collaborative Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
  • Data sorverignty & GDPR compliance
Web PaaS powered by Platform.sh OVHcloud

Migrate, test, run, iterate & scale faster!
You build code - We run it.


  • Chose your project template

More than 60 Open Source languages and frameworks deployed with a single click (i.e. PHP, NodeJS, Python, Drupal, Symfony, Wordpress, Strapi... See Full list of templates)

  • Add your favorite Database

MariaDB, Postgresql, Solr, Redis, MySQL...
One line of code to add a service and easy version management. Platform.sh handles the updates and security patches.

  • Align with your dev tools

GitOps as a service for easy CI/CD with all major Dev Tools integration and workflow hooks  : Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, Slack, Webhooks, BlackFire...

  • Collaborate, deploy, clone, test, redeploy

With instant byte-to-byte production and database clones (snapshot) to staging environments, give access to branches to your developers with anonymized data for fast tests, compliations, previews, deployments.

Supports stateful and stateless apps, worker processes.

Choose the best plan for your needs

User licences 1 3 to 5 10+
Container Single App: PHP, Node.JS, Python
Single Service: MySQL/memcached
No limitation with 60 Open Source languages and frameworks available No limitation with 60 Open Source languages and frameworks available
Initial Storage 5 GB 10 GB 10 GB
Automatic backup plan (production) Weekly backup
1 week retention period
Daily backup/1 week retention
Weekly backup/1 week retention
Daily backup/1 week retention
Weekly backup/1 week retention


More details on the offers specifications

  Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Production environment 1 1 1
vCPU for each environment from 1 (prod) & 0.5 (test) from 1 (prod) & 0.5 (test) from 1 (prod) & 0.5 (test)
RAM per Prod. vCPU 1.2 GB 1.2 GB 1.2 GB
additional vCPUs per production enviroment

Each additional Prod. vCPU includes 0.5 vCPU per test environment

Each additional Prod. vCPU includes 0.5 vCPU per test environment

Each additional Prod. vCPU includes 0.5 vCPU per test environment

Test environments 1 included 1 included 1 included
Additional test environment From €10 ex. VAT/month From €12.50 ex. VAT/month From €12.50 ex. VAT/month
Additional user licences Not available From €10 ex. VAT/month From €10 ex. VAT/month
Additional storage

From €2.50 ex. VAT/month

From €2.50 ex. VAT/month

From €2.50 ex. VAT/month



How to start with Web PaaS powered by Platform.sh


From order to your 1st Git push under 10mn!

Follow our onboarding video which shows every single step from order up until you 1st Git push to production. Less than 10mn, delivery included, to select your plan, its options, project template, CLI download, SSH and Git connection and pushing PHP source code to production (PHP example relevant for other languages & frameworks)

Development team development by OVHcloud Platform.sh

Detailed Onboarding Guide

Learn how to get Web PaaS powered by Platform.sh started in a few minutes.

Simplify the transition of your projects in production with OVHcloud Platform.sh

Migrating to Web PaaS

Moving an already-built site to Web PaaS powered by Platform.sh is of course possible. Just follow our easy to migrate guide.


Discover Web PaaS CLI

Everythting you manage in the console is available in our Command Line Interface: the tool to use and manage your Web PaaS projects directly from your terminal.

Offer features

Platform.sh technology

Platform.sh technology is fully integrated into our cloud solutions. Start your projects now, and focus on your business. We simplify the development stages of your applications.

Icons/concept/Geolocalisation/Map France Created with Sketch.

Hosted in Europe (France)

A containerised infrastructure hosted in our own datacentres. Hosting in Europe (France) is essential for the perceived quality of your websites, particularly when it comes to the user experience of European internet users.

Data sovereignty

This solution complies with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as OVHcloud’s own data protection commitments.

Icons/concept/Component/Component Square Created with Sketch.

Wide selection of runtime environments, services and pre-set templates

Depending on your solution and the number of vCPUs available, select the environments, services and templates for each project according to your needs.

Icons/concept/infinite@3x Created with Sketch.

Performance flexibility

Easily add vCPUs to your production environment: 2, 4, 8 or 16. Half of these will be automatically added to your test environments.

Icons/concept/server/Gear Created with Sketch.

Test environment management

Add test environments with equivalent resources (vCPU) to the one already included in your solution.

Icons/concept/infinite@3x Created with Sketch.

Unified interface

All of your PaaS by Platform.sh web solutions are grouped into a single project management interface. Simply adapt the number of vCPUs, environments, user licences, and the storage and template to the needs of each project.

Icons/concept/User/User Created with Sketch.

User management

Depending on the solution you have ordered, you will have 1, 3 or 10 licences by default, for which you can securely add users as contributors and employees using OVHcloud credentials. You can also add user licences to adapt your project environment to the size of your teams: up to two additional users for the Develop solution and an unlimited number for the Expand solution.


Your plan includes 5 or 10 GB of storage by default. Add storage capacity in 5GB increments, with no upper limit. Warning: it is not possible to reduce the storage of a project once the additional storage has been ordered.


What is Platform.sh?

Platform.sh is a French PaaS solution that allows developers to manage, develop and deploy business applications with ease. It allows a centralised management of your fleet of web applications, among other features. The platform has many advantages: multiple languages, integrated CI/CD, and follow-the-sun support (resembling a forum made up of Platform.sh users). This solution hosts projects in several languages, and uses a number of frameworks, CMS platforms and microservices.

Which runtime environments and services are available with the different solutions?

Platform.sh offers you access to a wide range of frameworks, programming languages and web services.

  • With the Start solution: express, gatsby, koa, moinmoin, nodejs, pelican, php, probot, python 2, sculpin, symfony 3, symfony4, symfony5, WordPress.
  • With the Develop and Expand solutions: aspnet-core, backdrop, beego, django, govcms8, drupal, opigno, echo, elastic-apm, express, flask, gatsby, gin, golang, hugo, jenkins, jetty, koa, Laravel, lisp, magento2ce.

Can I migrate to a higher or lower solution?

You can stay on the solution you have chosen and allocate additional resources (vCPU, test environments, storage) or reduce its attributes, depending on your needs. Only the additional storage option cannot be cancelled once it has been set up.
You can also upgrade to a higher plan if you want more flexibility and more users.
Finally, you can only switch to a lower plan from the Expand solution to the Develop solution. You cannot migrate a project from a Develop or Expand solution to a Start solution.

Am I in a contract? For how long?

You are signed up for a one-month period with automatic renewal. Your bill will be amended if you upgrade to a higher plan during the month.

Technical FAQ

In case you want more technical details on the product (branches, services, local filesystem, SSH, etc.), don't hesitate to read ou technical FAQ

What is a development platform?

An application development platform is a PaaS solution that allows developers to create, manage, test, and deploy their business applications in a simple, centralised way. Regardless of the programming language, it allows teams to code without worrying about testing and delivery phases. This gives them an opportunity to gain speed and flexibility in the production and marketing of a large number of business applications.

The advantages of CI/CD:

The CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) process is designed to speed up the production, development and delivery of business applications.

  • Since the developer’s application code is constantly being tested, this method allows for a high scalability of the application produced in a stable environment.
  • Simplifying programming tasks for developers allows them to make corrections to their code more often, thus improving its quality and the user experience.
  • More collaborative work between developer team members.
  • Avoid cascading integration issues and reduce technical debt.