VPS comparison

Technical features of our VPS solutions

£4.00 ex. VAT/month
£3.68 ex. VAT/month
£9.00 ex. VAT/month
£8.28 ex. VAT/month
£18.00 ex. VAT/month
£16.56 ex. VAT/month
From £26.00 ex. VAT/month
From £23.92 ex. VAT/month
Technical specifications
Processor 1 vCore 2 vCore 4 vCore 8 vCore
Memory 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB From 8 GB to 32 GB
Storage 40 GB NVMe 80 GB NVMe 160 GB NVMe From 160 GB to 640 GB NVMe
Bandwidth 250 Mbps - unlimited traffic* 500 Mbps - unlimited traffic* 1 Gbps - unlimited traffic* 2 Gbps - unlimited traffic*
Included services
Root access
IPv4 address 1 1 1 1
IPv6 address /128 /128 /128 /128
Location 8 8 8 8
Monitoring and Interventions 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7
SLA 99.9% 99.9% 99.9% 99.9%
Available options
IPv4 address £1.53 ex. VAT/IP
Additional Disks
Automated Backups
OS and applications
cPanel Optional Optional Optional Optional
Plesk Optional Optional Optional Optional
Windows Server Optional Optional Optional Optional
£4.00 ex. VAT/month
£3.68 ex. VAT/month
£9.00 ex. VAT/month
£8.28 ex. VAT/month
£18.00 ex. VAT/month
£16.56 ex. VAT/month
From £26.00 ex. VAT/month
From £23.92 ex. VAT/month

Storage and backup options

Manual backup

Create and restore your snapshot

£0.90 ex. VAT/month

Automatic backup

Keep your data safe and protected

£2.60 ex. VAT/month

Additional backup storage

Custom external storage from

£4.40 ex. VAT/month
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How do I choose my OVHcloud VPS?

To pick out the VPS that best suits your needs, it is important to consider the following factors:
- the quantity of resources required (processor, memory, disk space, bandwidth, etc.)
- the operating system required (Linux or Windows)
- the technical requirements that are essential for the application to work properly (e.g. a database needs high read/write speed)

This will help you make the right choice from our VPS solutions.
- Starter VPS: An entry-level server range, to test out our solution (with a Linux distribution only, and no web hosting control panel).
- Value, Essential and Comfort VPS: Perfect for hosting websites, e-commerce services, and monitoring systems.
- Elite VPS: Specially adapted for e-commerce websites and applications that require more CPU and memory resources.

Is the VPS compatible with vRack?

Our VPS ranges are not compatible with the vRack private network. If you would like to use this service, our Public Cloud instances may be a better option for you.

Is the bandwidth allocated to my VPS guaranteed?

The bandwidth listed on our solution pages is guaranteed. It is the minimum amount allocated to you.

Which operating systems are compatible with a VPS?

All of our operating systems are listed on our website. This list is updated in real time, depending on the distributions tested on our VPS.

What are web hosting control panels like Plesk or cPanel used for?

Web hosting control panels are used to simplify the way you manage multiple websites and services hosted on a single server. Administration actions are managed by these applications. You just need knowledge of how to use and configure the web hosting control panel.
We offer licences for these web hosting control panels when you purchase an OVHcloud VPS.

What is OVHcloud Anti-DDoS protection, and what is it used for?

This is our system to protect against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. The aim of these attacks is to compromise a number of servers, and force them to saturate others with requests. The targeted infrastructure is then overwhelmed with several thousands of connection requests per second, making it unavailable as a result.

DDoS attacks are becoming more widely used by malicious parties, but OVHcloud is working hard to stop them from having an impact on services.

OVHcloud Anti-DDoS protection is not optional — it's included with all of our servers.

Where are the VPS servers located? Where is my data hosted?

Our servers are hosted in our own datacentres. For each range, we offer eight sites spread across several continents.
- Europe: France (Roubaix and Strasbourg), Germany (Frankfurt), the UK (London), Poland (Warsaw)
- North America: Canada (Beauharnois)
- Asia-Pacific: Australia (Sydney) and Singapore

Is my VPS backed up?

OVHcloud does not take backups of the data hosted on your VPS. You are responsible for ensuring that your VPS is backed up.
To take backups, you can use the following options: manual backup (snapshots), or automated backup.

* For VPS hosted in Sydney and Singapore : 1TB traffic/month for the VPS range “Starter” and “Value”, 2TB/month for the VPS range “Essential”, 3TB/month for the VPS range “Comfort” and 4TB/month for the VPS range “Elite” . Bandwidth is reduced to 10Mbps once the monthly quota is exceeded.