Persistent data storage for Linux-based applications

Store data from your Linux servers and applications by leveraging OVHcloud file storage solutions

The internet has witnessed an explosion in the amount of data created and analysed by businesses. Data collection and analysis helps enterprises make crucial decisions and to better understand their consumers.

With OVHcloud's high-performance file storage solutions, it's possible for businesses to store their data securely, effortlessly, and with high availability. As your business grows, you can quickly scale your infrastructure to meet your business needs.

Interconnect your applications with our Enterprise File Storage products

Most mission-critical applications, whether containerized or virtualized require compute, networking, and storage capabilities to provide the best performance and high availability. Thanks to improved datacentre bandwidth capacities, file storage is the fastest and cheapest technology for storing structured data on a network-attached storage solution, while maintaining a high level of security.


All OVHcloud file storage offers are NFS compatible. NFS is a protocol that facilitates remote file sharing between servers. There are multiple versions of NFS but NFSv3 is the most common. NFS is easy to use and manage.

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Our file storage offers are equipped with NVMe/SSD disks and are combined with our high-speed and resilient network. Through these innovations, OVHcloud delivers high performance and low latency.

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Our file storage system is backed up by a HA pair mode and has optimal resilience with a 99.99% SLA guarantee. The HA pair offers two storage arrays, with interconnected controllers. In this configuration, one node can take over its partner's storage to provide continued data service if one partner goes down.

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Manage your costs

File storage offers are billed transparently. With unlimited ingress and egress traffic at no extra cost, and no additional variable charges (such as the amount of data stored). Your spending is cost-effective and predictable.

Linux servers


Create your Linux server on a dedicated server, and store your persistent data from your websites, CRM, ERP, databases, or any other enterprise applications.

OVHcloud Advance and Scale servers have all the features required for the Linux operating system. Combined with our files storage offers - such as Enterprise File Storage or NAS-HA - the NFS protocol provides high system availability ensuring instant access to data for mission-critical applications.


Options and services

  • A range of processor and memory options
  • Premium (Enterprise File Storage) or standard (NAS-HA) storage performance

Advance Servers

The Advance range is designed for small businesses looking to invest in versatile servers that match their business needs.

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Scale Servers

The Scale range includes the OVHcloud private network (vRack) and features powerful processors, which provide the ability to build infrastructures in complex environments.

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With the OVHcloud NAS-HA storage, you get centralised storage or backup space for your data.

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Enterprise File Storage

Enterprise File Storage is a NetApp ONTAP Select software-defined storage solution, managed by OVHcloud.

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