Send SMS messages online

Send SMS messages online

SMS Gateway with OVHcloud Telecom.


Options for sending SMS online

Manage and automate SMS sending to hundreds of contacts, schedule SMS marketing campaigns, reminders and alerts. With SMS Gateway, you can boost the business potential of your projects at a lower cost.

Integrate this communication channel into your online services ecosystem, and keep your customers in the loop while adapting your communication to suit your contacts.


Streamline your communication

You can cover many bases by sending SMS messages online. For example, schedule delayed SMS sending to send reminders for events, birthdays or parties.

Bulk-send SMS messages online, manage your campaign in real time, and send your SMS messages to more than 200 destinations at competitive prices. We have signed agreements with 660 telephone operators worldwide. How does it work? Your SMS messages are simply sent via the internet to the operator managing the recipient.

If you would like to do so, you can also define a display mode for your SMS (flash, standard or SIM) and customise your sender number.



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A fixed rate for all the countries you send to

We offer fixed rates for SMS sending, so you can schedule and evaluate the budget of your web SMS campaigns. You can then expand your business with our SMS solutions in many countries. You manage the cost of your communications, wherever you are. With an SMS Gateway, you won’t have to worry about unexpected fees when sending SMS messages online.

Send your SMS messages online via a range of platforms

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Email to SMS: Send SMS messages via email

Send your SMS messages via your email inbox. To do this, simply send an email to the address “” with your account settings, the recipient(s), and the message to be sent in the body of the email. You can also use advanced settings to manage the SMS type and the sending schedule.

For further information, please refer to our guide:

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HTTP to SMS: Send SMS messages online via a HTTP address

If you have an SMS account with OVHcloud, you can send SMS messages from your preferred web browser. Simply enter your OVHcloud SMS account settings, followed by the message in the address bar.

For further information, please refer to our guide:

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Send SMS from your Outlook account

Via your OVHcloud account, you can easily configure your Outlook account to send SMS messages. The “Send SMS” feature is then integrated into your software (compatible with Outlook for Windows 2007 and 2010).

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With our API, integrate SMS communications into your websites or applications. Make SMS Gateway an additional communication channel to strengthen your customer relationships. Automatically notify your customer at each key stage of the customer journey.