Big data and AI applications

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With object storage, Big Data and AI applications can get the most out of its data

High performance data storage

Big data and artificial intelligence are major opportunities for companies because they can create value from company data. Traditional storage systems (block and file storage) are limited by the exponential growth of unstructured data. Object storage is more suitable when it comes to maintaining a massive volume of data at a low cost. Given the large volume of data processed by big data and AI applications, cost is a key factor. Now, this type of application goes hand in hand with object storage.

Why choose OVHcloud High Performance Object Storage?

With OVHcloud High Performance Object Storage, you get a highly scalable, unlimited storage space for all your data (video, audio, HTML files, documents, and so on). All actions can be performed via our S3 API, and integration is made easier by the S3 libraries available for the languages you use. Based on an innovative SDS (Software-Defined Storage) system and top-of-the-range machines, our high-performance storage solution optimises data processing at every stage of the data lifecycle (storage, transfer, intensive use, replication, deletion). Finally, our solution guarantees the consistency of your data to ensure that all simultaneous modifications to a piece of data have been taken into account, without any loss of information.

Our High Performance Object Storage range is therefore an ideal storage solution for big data and AI solutions, thanks to its high performance, fast scalability and low cost. 

Advantage 1: Get the most out of your data with high performance

You can achieve high throughput with reduced latency, which is ideal for the requirements of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. 

Advantage 2: Host your data on a highly scalable storage platform

Get storage space that scales quickly to meet your increasing mass data storage needs - up to several petabytes of data. 

Advantage 3: Enjoy competitive and transparent pricing

We offer you the best data storage prices on the market. Our completely transparent pricing is predictable, so you won’t have any surprises on your bill at the end of the month.

What is Big Data storage?

For Big Data projects, the volume of data that the infrastructure manages is often very large. This volume involves creating a high-performance storage system that meets all requirements in terms of space, processing speed, and so on. What we call “Big Data Storage” is a type of architecture designed to manage very high volumes of data in real time. The purpose of this type of architecture is to meet the needs of applications that collect and process unstructured data very quickly. This means that the storage system can respond without any loss of speed, in order to optimise the entire processing chain. Data that is not processed in time may become obsolete, which makes the infrastructure lose relevance. For these reasons, a Big Data project cannot be based on a traditional infrastructure - it must take Big Data storage into account, by choosing a more optimal storage system such as object storage.