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On-demand sandbox instances

These cloud servers are based on shared resources. They have the same features as those with guaranteed resources, but they cost less. They are no different to manage than ordinary instances. Use the same tools to develop and test on a flexible, very-affordable platform. 

All the features of a premium cloud server

Sandbox instances are part of the Public Cloud ecosystem, which includes all the OpenStack APIs and management tools. You can use sandbox instances to safely test and develop applications, for example. 


Perfect for building a software factory

Sandbox instances are perfectly suited to meet the needs of continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) systems. Tools like Jenkins, GitLab CI and others connect directly to OpenStack APIs to orchestrate your integration tests.

Horizontal scalability

Need to boot hundreds of instances to check your application’s horizontal scaling capabilities, or just simulate a large number of workers? These cloud servers are deployed in a matter of seconds, and can be used to test these scenarios at full scale.

How to

Boot an instance
openstack server create --flavor s1-4 --image debian server01

Boot 100 instances of the same type
openstack server create --flavor s1-4 --image debian

Ready to get started?

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Start with the smallest instance from the catalogue, and upscale it to suit your changing needs.

Network connection

As with the Guaranteed Resources range, these instances have great network performance. Build flexible, scalable architectures and scale up while instances are running. 

Adding volumes

As with all other instances, you can add storage volumes to increase the available space on cloud servers.

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Sandbox billing

Sandbox instances are the most accessible of the range. Like all other instances, they are "pay-as-you-go". You receive an invoice at the beginning of each month and the price varies depending on the size and duration of the instance.