Public Cloud Instance Backup

On-demand system backups

As automated deployments and Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) services become increasingly popular, a system backup is essential. That's why your instances at OVH can be backed up at any time. The server will export the instance’s disk, enabling you to industrialise your deployments.

Secure and resilient

Instances run on hypervisors, and their system disk is located locally on them. The instance backups copy this data to another storage system, and guarantee triple replication, to ensure reliability.

Simplified backup and restore methods

Instance backups behave like elements of the Private Image Catalog. Once they have been added to it, you can use them to restore the original instance, or even serve as a system image for other instances based on the same boot schemas.

How to

Create a single instance backup

openstack server image create --name inst01-bkp01 inst01


Create a rolling backup, with a log of seven entries 

openstack server backup create --rotate 7 inst01


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Data exports

In accordance with our reversibility policy, we offer you the ability to recover your backup without any hassle, using standard tools like the OpenStack CLI.

System migration to other locations

Once the backup has been created, you can perform an instance system migration by exporting it, then importing it to the Private Image Catalog of another location.

Rolling backups

OpenStack incorporates a rolling backup system. By specifying the number of elements included in the rotation, the system will automatically maintain its history, deleting the oldest backup when a new one is created.

Pricing Public Cloud

Instance Backup Billing

Instance backups are charged per GB, per hour. The prices displayed are per GB used for a full month.