TeamSpeak, a benchmark for video gaming VoIP applications

For the last two decades, TeamSpeak voice chat servers have provided players with unrivalled call quality. The application is one of the most popular choices on the market, and is often used in e-sports competitions and virtual events. In addition to its high sound quality, TeamSpeak offers increased security and data privacy. Together with other advanced features, it is the perfect tool for gaming communities and professionals in the video game world.

Why host TeamSpeak on an OVHcloud dedicated server?

As a player, you can install TeamSpeak on your computer, and use its features during your games. However, once your computer is turned off, your TeamSpeak server is also shut down. If you would like to set up a service that is permanently accessible to your community, we recommend opting for a dedicated server. At OVHcloud, we offer the Game range, which is specially designed for the video game industry. With a Game dedicated server, you get a machine that can host both your private video game servers and your TeamSpeak voice server. Furthermore, our Anti-DDoS Game protection, which is specially designed to protect gaming servers, also applies to TeamSpeak.

What are the advantages of a TeamSpeak server with the Game range?

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Fully configurable

You rent a dedicated server that you have full control over, from the choice of operating system to the applications you want to host. Since you get root access, you can install your applications and online private video games on the same server.

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Performance and comfort

To deliver the ultimate experience, our Game dedicated servers are equipped with next-generation components. The hardware configuration (CPU, RAM, disks, bandwidth, etc.) has been designed to offer optimal comfort for video games and software like TeamSpeak.


In the world of video gaming, optimal availability and low latency are paramount. Your dedicated server has an availability rate guaranteed by a 99.90% SLA. This ensures that you get the very best service during your voice calls and games. You also get minimal latency, with the ability to choose the location closest to you and your users.

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Anti-DDoS Game Protection

Our Anti-DDoS Game protection controls your server’s incoming and outgoing UDP traffic, so you can harness the full power of your services without any risk. It stands out from standard anti-DDoS protection as it is specially adapted to protocols and systems specific to video games, as well as applications like TeamSpeak.

The perfect range for players in the video game industry

Whatever your requirements are, the Game dedicated server range can be adapted to suit any requirements, with a fully manageable environment.

As a reseller, you can use our dedicated servers to create your own services. Host applications, online games and more.

As a publisher or studio, we take care of the hosting, so you can focus on your core business. Whatever your game's requirements are, you can mount your own server cluster or cloud gaming infrastructure.

Build your universe as a community or streamer with our Game dedicated servers. From applications to private servers for your favourite games, you can host your services your own way, and on your own terms.

How do I create a TeamSpeak server?

1. Launch a dedicated server

Before installing your TeamSpeak software, you will need to configure your dedicated server. If this is your first time setting up a dedicated server, we recommend following our guide on getting started with a dedicated server.
As the server administrator, you can choose the best operating system and most suitable settings (network, security, access, etc.) for your needs.

2. Install TeamSpeak software

Your dedicated server is now ready to host your games and software. Go to the official TeamSpeak website to download the right version for your operating system (Windows 32 or 64 bits, Linux 32 or 64 bits, macOS 64 bits or FreeBSD 64 bits). You will then get a .ZIP file to transfer to the folder created on your dedicated server.

3. Launch a TeamSpeak server

Unzip the .ZIP file to get all the files for your TeamSpeak server. Then double-click ‘ts3server.exe’ to start the software. The licence agreement will appear first, prompting you to accept the terms.
The window that opens next is very important, as it contains the admin information: username, password and API keys. Please note down these settings, as they will only appear once.

4. Configure a TeamSpeak server

Your TeamSpeak server is now ready to start. Launch the TeamSpeak client to configure your software. Enter your server’s IP address, then enter the admin username and password noted down earlier. You then need to enter the API authorisation key, also provided in the previous step.
Once you have entered this information, you can now configure your TeamSpeak server, create your various chat channels, edit the welcome message, and much more.

5. Port management

To work, TeamSpeak uses several TCP and UDP ports. You will need to create rules in your dedicated server’s firewall to authorise them.

List of main ports:

  • Incoming UDP port 9987: Enables voice traffic transmission
  • Incoming TCP port 30033: Authorises file transfer and reception
  • Outgoing UDP port 443: Required to verify the TeamSpeak licence
  • Outgoing UDP port 2010: Must be enabled to display the server in the official TeamSpeak server list.

Need help configuring your firewall and ports?

6. Connect to a TeamSpeak server

Your TeamSpeak voice server is now configured and active. You and your users can access it via the client. Click the ‘Connections’ tab, then click ‘Connect’ to open the server connection window. Enter your server’s IP address followed by the port: xxx.xx.xx.x:9987, the password, if you set one, and your nickname.
Your TeamSpeak server is now ready to use. You can now use it for everything — from private voice chat to team communication for your e-sports competitions, and much more.

Want to use a dedicated server, but restricted by a limited budget? Explore our Eco range, which includes affordable dedicated servers with high performance.