Dedicated server Advance-1


Special offer

This server offers optimal performance, thanks to its very high-frequency hexacore processor. With the latest Intel® Rocket Lake-E processor and NVMe SSD disks, you can host your business websites and software with total peace of mind.

The advanced security feature (Intel® SGX) also helps improve application and data protection, by safeguarding against data disclosure or modification.

This entry-level platform is available with 1Gbit/s public and private bandwidth.

  • Intel® Rocket Lake-E Processor
  • PCIe Gen4 Controller
  • Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX)
Cpu :
Memory :
Storage :
Bandwidth :
Vrack :
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Use Case

Multimedia processing

Store, transform and stream your multimedia files: images, videos, etc.

Plesk management interface

Host and speed up your website administration

Confidential computing

Protect your data during processing, with advanced hardware memory encryption (enclave) security features.

* This special offer gives you 23% off for twelve (12) months of subscription and 33% off for twenty-four (24) months of subscription, for Advance-1 dedicated server rental.
Special offer valid for all new orders (excluding renewals) placed between 12 July 2022, 13:00 BST, and 23 August 2022, 13:00 BST. Offer valid subject to the availability of the server chosen, with the time at which the order is processed by OVHcloud used as proof in the event of any disputes. Offer valid until service cancellation.