OVH & Edinet

High performance across multiple regions

9 geo-located Public Cloud Instances, with load balancing

9 geo-located Public Cloud Instances, with load balancing

24/7 technical support

24/7 technical support

Executive summary

Edinet is a well-established specialist in the provision of tailored editorial platforms for digital publishers. When designing and delivering a new IT infrastructure for Tom’s Hardware – the popular online technology magazine – they partnered with OVHcloud to ensure the proposed solution would achieve the expected standards of performance, security and availability. This meant designing and delivering a bespoke cloud infrastructure, using OVHcloud solutions as the foundation.

The challenge

Any high-traffic online media presents a number of challenges when it comes to developing a platform that will not only deliver the required performance and security upon its launch, but will be able to upscale, to accommodate a growing readership. Tom’s Hardware had found that the various proprietary CMS options were no longer able to meet their requirements in these areas and sought out a solution adapted to their needs.


"Fast and reliable: these are the main requirements for the development of the new network. As with any other organisation that bases its business on a website, uptime and speed are two essential elements, which are directly reflected in the experience of readers and all the activities that are carried out daily, both from an editorial and commercial point of view. Quality and user experience are not subject to compromise."

Andrea Ferrario, CEO of Tom's Hardware


Edinet therefore required a foundation to build such a solution on, ensuring performance and security standards could be maintained, without exceeding the projected budget, and without compromising the user experience.

The solution

Following a detailed assessment of Edinet’s requirements for the Tom’s Hardware project, a Public Cloud infrastructure was proposed, with a number of carefully chosen Instances hosted in different datacentres from OVHcloud’s global network. This included:

  • A web server layer, made up of four Instances
  • A database server layer, made up of three Instances
  • A reverse proxy layer, made up of two Instances

As is standard with all Public Cloud Instances, OVHcloud’s powerful anti-DDoS solution was included, to ensure any attempted cyberattacks could be automatically identified and mitigated, without any further action on the part of Edinet or Tom’s Hardware.

Using the OVHcloud Control Panel, Edinet were easily able to deploy the new site infrastructure, on time and to budget. The Control Panel also allowed Tom’s Hardware to geo-locate their instances, and instantly redeploy them during traffic peaks, helping to minimise site latency across all regions.

Once this was complete, they could continue to manage the front-end, while OVHcloud continued to handle all technical aspects of the service, ensuring SLAs would always be met, and any unavoidable or scheduled downtime would be kept to the absolute minimum. This included 24/7 technical support, allowing issues to be dealt with in real time.

The result

"We believe we have found in OVHcloud a reliable partner. In the world of virtual infrastructures, it is essential that there is a human relationship to better identify the ideal solutions for each project and especially a contact that can provide assistance in real time, since the business of digital publishers is solely based on the online presence of their products."

Simone Marx, CIO of Edinet


The flexibility, security and autonomy provided by OVHcloud and Edinet’s solution has allowed Tom’s Hardware to focus its attention on the development of its content and the growth of its website. Furthermore, the new infrastructure has made it far easier to accommodate spikes in traffic across all regions where the site’s readers are located, resulting in a major improvement in site performance.

To build on these early successes, discussions are already taking place about how additional added-value services could be incorporated into the Tom’s Hardware infrastructure, including a potential move towards a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

On a wider scale, the partnership between OVHcloud and Edinet will continue to evolve, with OVHcloud’s deep experience in virtual infrastructures and Edinet’s understanding of the challenges faced by digital media companies acting as the building blocks of future successes and innovations.

OVHcloud Cloud Sales Consultant Davide Albanese adds: “We are proud and excited to continue our collaboration with Edinet. We are convinced that Edinet will be able to leverage OVHcloud technology to further build their reputation among digital media companies, who themselves have a growing need for technology that gets their content out faster, and with greater flexibility and security.”