Trusted Exchange

Dedicated Exchange

Trusted Exchange, our professional email solution

Get our business email solutions to host your data on a dedicated infrastructure. Harness the power and flexibility of the best collaborative tools on the market.

Our Trusted Exchange solution is designed to meet the requirements of companies with at least 2,000 users, and ensure an optimal level of security.


If you are a critical company or administration, you will want access to your collaborative tools at any time. We offer a benchmark solution built on a dedicated and resilient infrastructure, and constantly monitored by our experts.


We guarantee that we will not compel you to operate in a way that goes against your interests. We are campaigning for an open, interoperable cloud — and we develop reversible solutions. With our free OVHcloud Mail Migrator solution, you can migrate any email service from a third-party provider to OVHcloud and vice versa.


Our Trusted Exchange solution is hosted in our own datacentres in Europe. Its location means that you are also protected from the risks associated with overseas legislations, such as the CLOUD Act.

How does this solution work?

Choose the perfect solution from our catalogue

Our Standard Exchange accounts offer storage capacities from 5GB to 50GB. You can also add options such as the Outlook heavy client, and Active Directory syncing. Our teams will help you make the right choice for your users’ specific needs.

Sélectionnez votre infrastructure OVHcloud dédiée

Select your OVHcloud dedicated infrastructure

Whether you are looking for a few servers or several clusters, choose and customise your OVHcloud infrastructure. Our technical teams will help you choose which configuration is best adapted to fit your requirements for performance, availability, resilience and security. Your data is strategic for your company and its administration, so you can choose to host your services in datacentres that are closest to where your end-users are based.

Sélectionnez votre niveau de service professionnel

Choose your level of professional service

We offer 24/7 pro-active technical monitoring. This ensures a high level of service, and includes contractual SLAs to guarantee availability for your dedicated infrastructure. You can also choose the best level of support for your needs. And since the location your data and services are hosted in can be critical, we can deliver customer support based in the countries you do business in.

Need support or information?

You can request a free callback from an OVHcloud advisor.

List of available features

Microsoft Exchange 2016 or 2019

Email accounts with Microsoft Exchange Standard 2016 or 2019 licences

Web or Outlook email clients

The Outlook Web Access (OWA) client is included in the solution, and the Outlook heavy client is available as an option.

Variable storage

Up to 50GB of storage per account

High availability

The Microsoft DAG cluster is distributed across two different OVHcloud datacentres.

Backups and archiving

Daily backups are included, and long retention and archiving options are available.

Anti-virus, anti-spam, SSL, and more

A comprehensive security software suite to protect you against even the most sophisticated security threats.

For large organisations

With an initial configuration of 1,000 users


99.99% availability

A competitive price

Degressive pricing to match the number of subscribed accounts