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Whether you are an individual, a small to medium-sized company, a large company or a world-renowned group, we have a solution for you — whatever you are intending to use it for. OVHcloud offers limitless options for developing your online business.

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Your questions answered:

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a technology that is fundamentally connected to the internet. No website can work if it is not hosted. The most common solution for hosting a website is a server. The servers hosting the website content are permanently connected to the internet, so that they are accessible at all times.

Nowadays, cloud service providers like OVHcloud offer to host their customers’ websites for them. This means their customers do not need to invest in their own server clusters, or manage their hardware.

Why use a web hosting solution?

If you want to launch any kind of online activity (e.g. a website, blog, web app, e-commerce website, etc.), you will need to use web hosting technology. This is the only way of publishing your content online. The cost of maintaining a private server for a business is usually very high. Consequently, using the services offered by a web hosting provider is often a more cost-effective approach.

How does web hosting work?

The basis of a web hosting solution is a domain name. It must be registered with a hosting provider in order to be attached to a hosting solution in the future. This domain name is important because with the DNS (Domain Name System), it can be linked to an IP address found by web users. When they enter a URL, the domain name is translated into an IP address, and the search engine resolves the request to find the corresponding website.

To avoid service interruptions and outages for our customers, we implement robust anti-DDoS protection on our hosting solutions to protect them. We offer high availability to guarantee that their domains remain accessible. You can also use our content delivery network (CDN) to improve the loading times and performance for your hosting technology, wherever you are.

Most of our web hosting products also include a database, a PHP system and an SSL certificate. This way, you can get started quickly with your web projects.

Which web hosting solution should I choose?

Shared hosting plans: This type of hosting includes our Personal, Professional and Performance plans. Multiple websites are hosted on these kinds of servers, and the web projects share the server’s hardware resources and bandwidth. However, users do not have any kind of access to each others’ data. This budget-friendly solution is perfectly suited for professional or personal use. It offers everything you need for simple web projects, from personal blogs to small e-commerce websites.

Virtual private server (VPS): Virtual private servers offer more flexibility than shared hosting packages. They are still less expensive than a dedicated server, and you can get more customisation options. Their technology partitions a physical server into virtual dedicated spaces for each user. You are hosted on your own space, with dedicated resources.

Dedicated server: A dedicated server is a server with 100% of the machine’s physical resources allocated to you. Unlike a virtual server, which uses a portion of the resources to run its virtualisation technology, a dedicated server allows you to benefit from all of the machine’s available RAM, storage, and computing power. When applied to cloud computing, dedicated servers are also referred to as “bare metal” technology. This emphasises the physical availability of the machine’s hardware resources, in contrast to standard solutions that are based on virtual instances.

Which cloud hosting package is best for an online store?

An online store is a type of website that generates a lot of concurrent traffic, has more advanced features than a simple showcase website, and requires more resources as a result. For this reason, we recommend choosing a Performance plan or VPS depending on the size of your e-commerce website, your traffic forecast, and the features built into your website.

Which hosting plan is best for a WordPress blog?

A blog created using the WordPress CMS is a type of website that requires limited resources due to its very basic features. For this reason, we generally recommend using our Personal or Professional plans for this purpose.