Add flexibility and scalability to your application

Manage activity peaks by using cloud instances for stateless jobs. Get Object Storage for high volumes of static data. Harness the power of a managed database.


  • Focus on your added value.
  • Avoid dormant resources.
  • Get more flexibility.

The first steps to modernise your application

Best practices for the cloud can help you optimise your costs while gaining flexibility.

Move the stateless part of your application. Your APIs and front-ends, for example, do not usually store data directly. This stateless part can generally benefit from the elasticity of a distribution on multiple computing nodes, so workload peaks can be easily supported.

Store your static data in Object Storage. All of your static data, such as images, JS/CSS code and business files can be transferred to a cluster with unlimited space. This cluster will manage data replication, access rights, and other features for you.

Get a managed database. Managing and administering a database engine can be costly in terms of maintenance. By using a managed database, you can focus on your core business, where your added value lies.

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