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Magento is the go-to platform for building dynamic, responsive E-commerce websites. Impress your customers with stunning online storefronts, and incredible performance. Utilise a range of E-commerce solutions, such as front and back-end development, integrations, extensions, custom modules, and much more. Our web hosting solutions power your Magento websites – no matter how ambitious.

  • Unstoppable performance
  • Enterprise-grade/on-demand scalability
  • Highly customisable features
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What is Magento hosting?

Magento is a PHP-based, open-source E-commerce platform. The robust and highly configurable platform in suited to both smaller projects and complex projects that require a high degree of customisation and technical expertise. Its features allow you to easily control the look and content of your storefront, as well as providing tools for marketing, product management and SEO. It also enables more advanced actions such as the realization of surveys, newsletters, multi-language and multi-currency tools or the dual management of several different E-commerce sites. The platform’s impressive scalability features help you grow from a small online business to an E-commerce giant, seamlessly.

Create your Magento hosting using dedicated servers

A dedicated server from a world-class hosting provider is the ultimate solution for Magento hosting and it’s an option that could well pay off if you’re hosting a professional website or online stores. Dedicated servers offer a highly secure, web hosting solution for your E-commerce platforms, with unlimited bandwidth, additional options, and customisable discs.

Dedicated server benefits

With power, reliability, and customisation benefits, hosting your E-commerce websites on a dedicated server is a clear route to achieving business continuity and impeccable performance as you scale.  A dedicated server setup helps ensure that you’re able to adapt as your business grows, and your customers’ needs change.

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When you choose a dedicated server, you benefit from resources (such as the RAM and CPU) that are allocated to your business and your business alone. Your online store will be the only one hosted on the server. With dedicated resources, your customers get the most reliable, robust service (up to 99.99% SLAs). Root SSH access allows you to choose your operating system, configure and install any application, website builder, or content management system as desired, including Magento.

Customise your server resources to create the ideal online shop environment. Maintain customer trust, build your reputation, and generate conversions and sales.


In today's marketplace, the E-commerce sector faces stringent regulations when it comes to handling customer information and sensitive data in the checkout process. Local servers provide total privacy and isolation from other environments, which heightens protection against cyber-attacks, keeping customer data safe. Powerful anti-DDoS software is included as standard. All of our datacentres are ISO 27001 certified, and fully compliant with all relevant data regulations, including the GDPR. A dedicated server offers the flexibility to install any additional security features that you may need.

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A high standard of performance and speed for your E-commerce website is vital to your success, so it's essential that you maximise your uptime. On average, customers will only wait 3 seconds for your site to load before potentially taking their business elsewhere.

Hosting Magento on a dedicated server means you will always receive the same level of performance. Thanks to unlimited traffic, you won't be charged extra when you enjoy high traffic during busy periods. Advance range servers boast NVMe disks for maximum speed, this reduces load time issues and website downtime which may lead to reduced sales and revenues.

Create your Magento hosting using VPS

Our virtual private server range has been designed to combine flexible administration, high performance, and competitive prices. This dedicated, scalable, and innovative solution is perfect for your Magento web projects. Manage your virtual machines (VMs) with ease - directly from the OVHcloud Control Panel - and scale in a single click!

VPS benefits


Unlock the potential of Magento scalability by easily deploying new servers. It takes just a few steps in a user-friendly online control panel to provision new virtual servers or redeploy resources to wherever they are needed (including as part of disaster recovery plans). This level of futureproofing, and agility can be challenging to achieve with alternative solutions.

Cost effective

With VPS you get many of the same benefits as a dedicated server but at a lower cost.  Virtualization lets you do more with less. Thanks to consolidation, companies can significantly reduce the number of physical machines needed to achieve the same benefits.

You avoid hardware costs, without compromising mission-critical applications or business continuity measures, such as backup and recovery. No need to worry about hardware maintenance, hefty upfront costs, or buying new servers as you scale.

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Virtualization allows you to easily deploy secure, isolated virtual environments, whenever you need them. They can be just as easily deleted if no longer needed. This gives you more flexibility to test and innovate.

Sysadmins and devops can experiment with different operating systems and apps on the same machine, take VM snapshots before making risky changes, and clone machines to avoid lengthy operating system installations.

Alternative to Magento, discover Plesk

With a Plesk environment deployed on our VPS servers, you get a web administration interface to manage one or more projects smoothly. This solution is perfect for companies that prefer a graphical interface to command lines. You can manage all your website, database, and email projects easily with a more visually intuitive interface.

With a Plesk server, you get root access to the server and can configure it to suit your needs. Perfect if you require a specific server configuration, operating system, or administrative access.

You can deploy Plesk on our VPS solutions, dedicated servers, and Public Cloud instances.

  • Develop your web projects without needing infrastructure expertise.
  • Manage multiple servers in the same interface.
  • Get high compatibility with a range of different platforms (Windows, Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, etc).
  • Get several toolkits, in the form of extensions (including Magento).
  • Easily create email servers.
  • Set up regular backups of your data.

Discover our managed web hosting solutions

We deliver web hosting solutions to meet every need. Whether you are a beginner, webmaster, or a larger company, we have the right hosting solutions for you. From our cheap web hosting for smaller operations, to dedicated servers, VPS, Public Cloud and Private Cloud - our web hosting solutions support every use case.

Free web hosting solution

Get the basics to get started online. We offer 10MB free web hosting to all customers who register a domain name with OVHcloud. 10MB is the perfect amount of space to create a small, static website.

With Start 10MB, you also get a 5GB email account linked to your domain name. Send and receive emails to your customers with a professional, relevant email extension. Access your mailbox from your computer, smartphone or directly via your web browser.

Browse our extensive catalogue of more than 800 domain name extensions and find the one that best suits your business.

Cloud Web hosting

A Cloud Web Server gives you a flexible configuration on an isolated server, with unlimited databases to help develop your custom web project.

With a Cloud Web hosting plan, you get an isolated server with its own resources – i.e., resources that are not shared with other customers. Since each private server is independent, you get total flexibility to customise the environment. With this turn-key solution, you can modify the configuration to suit your needs. No need to worry about your server’s administration, maintenance, or monitoring.

Choose from a range of programming languages to build your websites and APIs and manage all your websites and apps.

Host your website right now

Get your business off the ground today. Explore our range of web hosting with domain name solutions. Create an online shop that reflects your online identity as effectively as possible and utilise a range of generic and geographical extensions.

With multi-domain management, you can link multiple domain names to your web hosting plan. This can be a massive benefit, as it enables you to be visible where your customers are. If you want to grow your business internationally, you can geolocate it by using a range of geographical extensions.

Create your website using CMS on our web hosting solutions

With a CMS (Content Management System), you can create a dynamic, responsive website via an easy-to-use interface. This makes it easy to create pages, without necessarily needing to know web development languages. But which CMS is the best CMS for your business goals and ambitions?

OVHcloud offers 1-click installation of WordPress hosting, hosting Joomla, hosting Drupal and PrestaShop hosting. Simply select the module when you order a web hosting plan, or from your Control Panel. In just a few minutes, you will receive your login details, and can start configuring your website.

Magento hosting FAQ

What is Magento?

Magento is an E-commerce platform built on open-source technology which delivers a highly flexible shop front, shopping cart system and lots of features to make your online store your own. It includes SEO, marketing, and catalog-management tools.

Is Magento for small or large E-commerce websites?

Scalability benefits enable users to sell anything from a few items to tens of thousands of products. You can integrate systems that respond to simple customer needs or complex behaviors. Implement themes and plugins that add to the user experience. With more complex programming knowledge, it’s possible to add custom functionality that responds to your customers unique needs and requirements.

Do I need to be a developer to use Magento?

No. Magento can be used by someone without experience as a developer. However, as you grow into a major online retailer, it is likely you will need support of some kind at some point. There is lots of help to be found in Magento’s online communities, but you may require developer assistance for complex, custom functionality.

What are the key benefits of using Magento?

Magento is very easy to install and has lot of additional layouts and plug-ins. With open-source technology you have a solution that is highly flexible and scalable so you can adapt as you grow. Use Magento to easily implement discount and promotions feature during check-out, and it provides more that 50 payment gateways.

Why host Magento on a dedicated server?

With E-commerce websites, speed is of the essence. The better performanceyou have, and the easier it is to scale as you grow, the less likely it is that you will run into problems with load speeds or lack of storage as your data volumes grow.

Does your website or online store have heavy traffic? Do you want more reliability and security? Do you need better control and server root access?

While a web hosting plan, shared hosting, or a VPS may be a good hosting solution for a personal website, budding retailers, or bloggers, at some point are going to want to switch to dedicated web hosting if they’re committed to growing their business and sales. Medium to large-sized business websites and E-commerce websites with high performance demands are some of the most common use cases for dedicated web server hosting with private servers. As your business expands, you are likely to find that shared hosting is too limited for your needs, so scalability will be paramount when it comes to enterprise and E-commerce hosting.