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Which solution is best for deploying the Plesk server administration interface?

Our unmanaged VPS servers, with a wide range of operating systems and applications that include Plesk and cPanel.

With a Plesk environment deployed on our VPS servers, you get a web administration interface to manage one or more projects smoothly. This solution is perfect for companies that prefer a graphical interface to command lines.

1. What is Plesk?

Plesk is a web management interface that simplifies project administration for one or more projects. This solution is perfect for companies that prefer a graphical interface to command lines. With Plesk, you can manage all of your website, database and email server creation projects easily with a more visually intuitive interface. Please note that Plesk requires a licence to run.

Plesk is a comprehensive tool available for both Linux and Windows, and is perfect for creating your web hosting server. It is especially suitable for companies, agencies and professional resellers. Plesk is comprehensive and easy to use, enabling you to build hosting spaces for each of your websites and customers.

2. What are the differences between a Plesk platform and an OVHcloud web hosting plan?

Do you want to host your website or blog without having to deal with server configuration or administration? If so, a web hosting plan will be the right option for you. This solution focuses on the hosting aspect, offering standard configurations used by most CMS tools and platforms.

Does your project require a specific server configuration, a certain operating system, and administrative access to manage the environment and monitoring? If this is the case, then Plesk will be a better option. With a Plesk server, you get root access to the server and can configure it to suit your needs.

3. What are the benefits of using the Plesk control panel?

  • Develop your web projects without needing in-depth knowledge of infrastructure administration.
  • Simplify the way you manage your web servers by managing multiple servers in the same interface.
  • Get high compatibility with a range of different platforms (Windows, Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, etc.).
  • Get a number of toolkits, in the form of extensions (WordPress, Joomla!, security tools, database and emailing extensions, Git support, etc.).
  • Easily create email servers.
  • Set up regular backups of your data.

4. Which OVHcloud solutions can I deploy Plesk on, and how do I choose?

You can deploy our Plesk solution on our VPS solutions, dedicated servers and Public Cloud instances.

Plesk licences vary depending on the environment, but they offer the same features. These licences are divided between Plesk VPS and Plesk Dedicated Server.

We recommend considering the following criteria when you choose your Plesk infrastructure.

  • If they offer the right level of resources you need for your project, the most simple and cost-effective option would be to use our VPS solutions. Plesk will simplify the way you manage your service.
  • If you require total isolation, all of the physical server’s resources, and administration control (via root access), it is better to choose a dedicated server. Please note that our virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers are complex, resource-intensive solutions. However, they offer total freedom to customise and manage your services. All of the resources deployed are fully allocated to the customer. Plesk’s visual and intuitive interface makes it easy to manage them for every type of use.
  • Finally, if flexibility and power are essential, we recommend sizing a Public Cloud instance. Plesk hosting is also well-designed for this type of infrastructure.

Our three available Plesk licences



You can choose between different Plesk solution levels when you place your order. They are divided up according to the number of domains you want to manage (10, 30 or an unlimited number). With the Plesk Web Pro and Plesk Web Host solutions, you also get a comprehensive WordPress toolkit to help you manage your web projects.


Our VPS solutions for professionals


Our virtual private server range has been designed to combine flexible administration, high performance and competitive prices. Get a dedicated, scalable and innovative solution for all your web projects. Manage your virtual machines (VMs) with ease, directly from the OVHcloud Control Panel.


Our Bare Metal dedicated server range


All of our dedicated servers are equipped with innovative, next-generation components. We offer different high-performance ranges that are adapted to each company’s most resource-intensive needs. Host your website, deploy your high-resilience infrastructure, or customise your machine to suit your projects in just a few clicks via the OVHcloud Control Panel.


Our Public Cloud instances for your business


OVHcloud offers a wide range of cloud solutions that are billed on a pay-as-you-go basis, to help you manage your budget. We develop simplified infrastructures to support you with your projects. Harness the flexibility of on-demand resources, and adjust your usage to suit your needs — from the most standard service to large-scale deployments.

We offer a wide range of hosting solutions to suit every need and use type.

We also help you choose the best framework for launching your web projects.

Our range of VPS solutions meet a wide range of needs that require high performance and flexible administration.