CI/CD pipeline

Build a CI/CD pipeline with Google Anthos technology

The CI/CD approach is essential in all new IT projects. It increases the frequency of online code deployment by automating development steps.

A modern, 100% dedicated approach for your CI/CD pipeline

Create a secure, scalable and automated CI/CD pipeline through a modern development and delivery approach. It focuses on proactive fault prevention, open-source technology, integration with your tools, and is based on a secure supply chain.

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100% dedicated pipeline

The Hosted Private Cloud solution powered by Anthos is exclusively managed by OVHcloud. It provides tools for a 100% dedicated and secure deployment pipeline.

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Create, test and deploy quickly

Both Kubernetes and the integrated Anthos Config Management building block are compatible with most of the tools used in an CI/CD approach. You can use an on-premises SaaS software factory, or deploy a new one within your Hosted Private Cloud. With standardisation approaches for templates and portability for open-source APIs, you no longer have to choose between automation and hybrid deployments.

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Create reliable applications

Use the Mesh service and the native features of Kubernetes in a dedicated environment to increase the stability of your applications. You get better observability and can automatically restrict or undo the impact of introducing regression in a deployment.

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Develop securely

Adopt a security policy by designing applications using an approved software supply chain. Apply your compliance rules consistently across all application destinations. Once you have deployed it, you can manage your application with the encryption and monitoring features included in the Mesh service.


How to modernise application development

You order a 100% dedicated environment managed by OVHcloud with a dedicated, autonomous control plane, and no need to create a Google Cloud account or subscription.

In this high-performance environment, you can deploy the most secure, scalable, and automated CI/CD pipeline. This is achieved through a modern development and dissemination approach focused on proactive fault prevention.

In addition to this, a range of services are available to operate your production environment — such as Grafana, Prometheus and Grafana Loki.

How does open source technology make the CI/CD pipeline free?

Built on open-source technology, the Google Anthos technology approach is portable and vendor-neutral. This way, you can use market technologies like GitLab to implement your CI/CD pipeline. The Mesh service exposes an Istio API, an industry standard.

Anthos Management Centre (dedicated control plane) also integrates an observability suite with Prometheus, Grafana and Loki.

All OVHcloud products are available via our private network (vRack). You can use it to integrate all of the technologies you have are proficient with, and would like to capitalise on.


How do I build a CI/CD pipeline adapted to each business activity?

Identity management is based on the OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocol, and you can connect your authentication solution to it. You can use it to manage access, and integrate your company's various business functions into your development and deployment pipelines. This way, you can integrate the concepts of DevSecOps, or steps for people to check your code before it is put online.

The partners that make up the OVHcloud ecosystem also support your projects, from their design to their operation.

How do I automate rules and security?

Automation can sometimes omit application and CI/CD pipeline security. You can secure access by applying the RBAC (role-based access control) model to each cluster, and/or to the Anthos Management Centre. Create user groups by role or according to your needs, with security rules that apply to some or all of your clusters.

With OVHcloud Connect connectivity services, you can also optimise your platform’s security by isolating it from the internet.


What is a CI/CD pipeline?

The CI/CD pipeline is the entire automation aspect associated with the CI/CD approach. It increases the frequency of application distribution by introducing automation at the application development stages.

The main concepts of the CI/CD approach are Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment (CD). The CI/CD approach is a solution for solving code integration issues in a live application, or in one about to be released by development teams.

It provides automation and continuous monitoring throughout the application lifecycle.

How do I connect to my business?

OVHcloud Connect allows you to connect directly to your business via interconnection or in colocation datacentres with different partners such as Equinix, Megaport and Intercloud.