Hosted Private Cloud powered by Anthos

OVHcloud and Google join forces to deliver the first private cloud offer on bare metal, dedicated to Anthos technology operating, installed and managed by OVHcloud.


Why Hosted Private Cloud powered by Anthos?

Enjoy the benefits of cloud computing services with a managed Anthos private mode environment

Anthos on bare metal operating in private mode is for customers who want isolation from the Public Cloud while getting the quality, functionality, and innovation of a Google platform.

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Dedicated and sovereign Private Cloud

Data is stored on OVHcloud’s own highly scalable, dedicated infrastructure, which is fully managed and operated by OVHcloud.

Hosted Private Cloud for cloud-native applications

Managed, on-demand, and enterprise-grade Kubernetes platform includes additional features such as Service Mesh, Cloud Logging, and Monitoring.

Included in our offers


Anthos on bare metal operating in private mode

Hosted Private Cloud powered by Anthos is a managed platform with all the benefits of Google Cloud services and engineering practices. These services help you to establish operational consistency across your different apps and update apps faster. Anthos on bare metal in private mode deployment is not connected to the Google Cloud Platform, but you enjoy the same quality, functionality, and innovation as a Google platform. Your private cloud includes multiple baremetal compute nodes, complete with the Anthos on bare metal operating in private mode license.


  • Operate your Anthos clusters from a dedicated, highly available control plane, isolated from the Google Cloud platform

  • Enjoy Anthos features: including Anthos UI/dashboards; Google Kubernetes Engine; Google Anthos Service Mesh; Google Anthos Config Management; and Cloud logging/monitoring with a dedicated, local Prometheus/Grafana service
  • In our short-term-roadmap : Migrate for Anthos, Cloud Run and more
User Clusters

All inclusive starter packs, extensible with additionnal ressources at anytime

The OVHcloud  managed container platform is composed of:

  • Our free control plane - Anthos Management Center - installed and managed by OVHcloud  
  • 5 or 15 baremetal nodes (each with 12 x 3.3 Ghz vCPU, 64GB of RAM, 2 x 50Gb local NVMe) to run your Kubernetes clusters and containers
  • Private and Public Network without traffic fees
  • 50 public IPs
  • Persistent storage with 55 usable TB through a Dedicated Netapp Cluster (in the 'Stateful Pack')
  • These packs are minimal configurations. It is possible to add additional resources, such as baremetal nodes and IP addresses, with a minimum commitment of one month

More details:

  • Discovery pack: Ideal to test-drive and accompany your transition to the cloud-native and/or during the build phase of new projects. Not suitable for the production phase.
  • Stateful Production Pack: Ideal for stateless & stateful production.
  • Stateless Production Pack: Ideal for stateless production.


Additional baremetal nodes

Scale-up your cluster on-demand

Additional IP block

Expose your services to the Internet

Additional Netapp storage

Grow your persistent storage on-demand

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What is Anthos on bare metal operating in private mode?

Anthos on bare metal operating in private mode offers you the flexibility to run Anthos with OVHcloud in a completely isolated fashion without connectivity to Google Cloud and/or the internet, while getting the functionality, and innovation of the Anthos Google Cloud platform.

Where will the data be stored? Where are the servers located?

Data will be stored and processed on OVHcloud’s own highly scalable dedicated infrastructure, fully operated and managed in Europe by OVHcloud teams.

Will Google Cloud access OVHcloud’s customer data?

No. Data will be stored on OVHcloud’s own highly scalable dedicated infrastructure, fully operated and managed in Europe by OVHcloud teams.

Can I add Netapp storage to my Discovery pack or Stateless pack?

You can add NetApp storage to Stateless packs. If you have a Discovery pack and would like to do this, you can upgrade to the Stateful pack at any time and get additional NetApp storage.

What is the maximum number of servers per cluster?

We support up to 100 bare-metal nodes per Kubernetes cluster, and up to 50 Kubernetes clusters per Anthos environment.
To get an estimate for larger deployments, please contact us.

The rich functionality of Anthos, seamlessly combined with our secure, fully managed and data sovereign Hosted Private Cloud is the perfect way to take advantage of cloud applications and managed services – and to help ensure your team's digital transformation is a success. Get your applications up-and-running and updated securely so you can meet your business needs in a way that’s agile, cost effective and uptime friendly. Simplify the operation of your applications with innovative application development tools from Anthos and feel confident with OVHcloud top-level managed cloud services.