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Increase your storage capacity with additional disks

Expand the storage available on your virtual private server (VPS) at any time. With an additional disk, you can store data in a separate space. Just like your server, we monitor and maintain it in our own datacentres. It is a turn-key solution that you can order in just a few clicks via the OVHcloud Control Panel.

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An additional disk works just like an external hard disk, which you plug into your computer via a USB port. You handle the data stored on it as if it were located directly on your VPS, and you don’t have to worry about hardware maintenance. This saves you time, so you can focus on your web projects.

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Depending on your needs, you can select between 50GB and 500GB of storage. These options are tiered for all budgets, so that you can develop your project without any obstacles. Your additional disk is also available at any time, and you can use it to copy data or manage over-saturation in the event of a traffic spike. This means you can easily handle critical situations related to your business.

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Your additional disk is placed on an infrastructure separate to the one your VPS is located on. However, to minimise latency during transfers, both solutions are located in the same datacentre. This way, you get an optimised space that meets all of your needs and requirements.

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Your additional disk is only accessible via your VPS IP. It provides a secure storage space, separate from your system disk, to duplicate your data. This way, if your VPS becomes unavailable, the data stored on the additional disk will not be affected. Furthermore, these files are replicated three times within our infrastructures, to provide you with additional protection against data loss. Our solutions and virtual machines also come with anti-DDoS protection.

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Web hosting


Static data (images, videos, etc.) from your website or e-commerce platform uses up a lot of space on your VPS. With additional flexible storage, you will not need to configure a remote disk for this information. In just a few clicks, you can add up to 500GB capacity. You can also do this if you are using a CMS (e.g. WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla!, Drupal).


Operating system


Some operating systems (OSs) are known to be storage-intensive. For cases like this, we strongly recommend adding an additional disk. This solution is compatible with all of the operating systems that can be deployed on our VPS, such as Linux or Windows.


Plus de flexibilité

Storage server


Are you using your VPS as a remote storage server? The ability to increase your disk space can quickly become an asset. You don’t need to choose a VPS with high computing power — you can choose a VPS Value or Essential, then add an additional disk to it.




If you send and receive a lot of emails, it can lead to complications for your business — especially if you work in architecture, graphics or communication. There is a risk that your email server could get quickly saturated. Our additional storage option means you get quicker response times, and greater flexibility. You can quickly add disk space to free up your mailboxes.

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Les disques additionnels sont compatibles avec l'ensemble de nos gammes de serveurs privés virtuels.

Your questions answered

Where is my additional storage disk located?

Your additional disk is located in a dedicated space, in the same datacentre as your VPS. To ensure that your data remains online, this storage is triple-replicated on different disks and servers.

If my VPS goes down, can I access my additional storage space?

You can only manage your additional storage space using the IP address linked to your VPS. However, once your server has been rebooted or restored, the data on your additional disk will remain intact.

How do I activate and manage my additional disk?

To help you use your additional storage space, we have created a guide on the topic.

Can I use my storage space to back up my data?

Your additional storage space is a practical solution for duplicating your data. However, if your virtual machine cannot be restored following a major technical incident, you will no longer have access to the files on the additional disk. Even if you manage to reboot your VPS, the data stored on the additional disk will remain inaccessible for the duration of the interruption.

If you would like to back up your VPS, we recommend using the Automatic Backup service. You can also perform a manual backup of your VPS at a specific time, using the Snapshot option.

Is it easy to deactivate a storage space added to my VPS?

You can deactivate your additional disk at any time from the OVHcloud Control Panel.