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GPU-accelerated containers for AI and HPC

OVH and NVIDIA have partnered to deliver the best GPU acceleration platform, optimised for deep learning and high-performance computing.

OVH's NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) combines the flexibility of the Public Cloud with the power of the NVIDIA Tesla V100 graphics card, providing a complete catalog of GPU-accelerated containers that can be deployed and maintained for artificial intelligence applications.

It enables users to run their projects on a reliable and efficient platform that respects confidentiality, reversibility and transparency.

GPU-accelerated containers

Get a complete catalogue of GPU-accelerated containers for deep-learning software, applications and HPC visualisation.


Innovation in minutes

Get your projects up and running quickly and easily, without the complexity typically associated with software configuration.


Stay up-to-date

NVIDIA containers are updated monthly, with access to recent software versions in order to ensure their optimal operation.


What is the OVH NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC)?

NGC Arbo

Our NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) provides researchers and data scientists with easy access to a comprehensive catalogue of GPU software tools optimised for deep learning and high-performance computing (HPC), which take full advantage of NVIDIA hardware. The NGC Container Registry includes NVIDIA containers optimised, tested, certified and maintained for the most popular deep learning frameworks. It also offers third-party managed HPC application containers, NVIDIA HPC visualisation containers and partner applications.

How to



Launch your instance by selecting your preferred T1 model and NGC image.



$ docker pull
$ nvidia-docker run nvidia/tensorflow t1



Your AI framework is ready to go!

Ready to get started?

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High performance, high availability

Guaranteed resources 100% of the time, with no over-allocation.


Do you need a single server or a complete infrastructure? The OVH Control Panel lets you choose. Billing is simple and transparent, with hourly or monthly options for each server.


Adapt your instances to your needs by adding disks and IP addresses, or moving them from one instance to another, whenever you need to.


OVH uses, contributes to and supports OpenStack APIs, which ensure that your cloud environments can be effortlessly migrated, and securely connected to solutions from other cloud providers.

Pricing Public Cloud

NVIDIA NGC Platform pricing

NGC is available on certain GPU instances, which are invoiced as normal, although NGC is free.

Quel SLA est garanti par OVHcloud concernant l'accès au service NVIDIA NGC Platform ?

Malgré la constatation d’une qualité de service élevée, cette solution n’est pas managée et OVHcloud ne lui garantit donc pas de disponibilité. Pour plus d'informations, veuillez consulter les conditions générales de vente.

Quelles sont les garanties pour les ressources (compute, storage ou autre) utilisées par le service ?

Ce service est construit sur d'autres ressources cloud qui possèdent leurs propres SLA consultables depuis leurs pages respectives.

Existe-t-il des coûts de licence ajoutés aux applications proposées ?

Non, NVIDIA propose uniquement des applications gratuites et le plus souvent open source.

Où puis-je trouver la liste des applications disponibles ?

NVIDIA met à disposition des dizaines de solutions pour le machine et le deep learning. Leur catalogue en ligne propose tout ce qui est exploitable via NGC. Pour obtenir uniquement la liste des applications packagées, sélectionnez le filtre conteneur :

Est-ce que les applications sont maintenues et infogérées ?

Non. Les images des applications sont régulièrement mises à jour mais, une fois déployées, elles ne sont pas maintenues. Vous pouvez utiliser une version plus récente de l'image pour bénéficier des dernières évolutions de votre application.