Supply chain efficiency


Retail and e-commerce optimise their supply chains with OVHcloud AI Training

ML training for supply chain efficiency

Large retailers, e-commerce and consumer goods companies are always looking to solve industry challenges; such as managing perishable items, forecasting customer demand, and detecting missing products. The early detection of low stocks, for example, means that items can be replaced before they run out. The key to success, is to utilise past data when training ML models, and improve them during this process.

OVHcloud provides retailers - as well as the service providers supporting their data labs - a training as a service, and GPU-as-a-service solution for addressing these types of industry challenges.

Why choose OVHcloud AI Training?

OVHcloud AI Training offers a single platform and environment for data practitioners to perform ML training and develop end-to-end application. Whether you are a provider with dedicated retail & consumer goods expertise and offering, or a retail data lab, customers can develop targeted Retail ML capabilities (e.g., missing object detection). 

This solution allows data scientists to focus on their added value and core skills. We take care of the complex, resource-consuming infrastructure challenges, while providing you with best-in-class Public Cloud GPU. Thanks to job parallelization, data scientists can work more efficiently and your training times are significantly reduced.

Even clients with limited data can effectively train vision models on the platform.

Benefit 1: Reduce complexity and reduce your time-to-deliver

An Integrated solution minimises complexity, while job parallelization reduces training times.

Benefit 2: Improve your team's efficiency

Your data practitioners and developers can focus on their core skills and added value, without having to worry about infrastructure management.

Benefit 3: Control your costs with a cost-effective solution

Benefit from a pay as you go solution, with integrated tooling and services and the best price-to-performance ratio on OVHcloud's GPU.