Certified Cloud Solutions for the Public and Private Sector


Certifications & Standards

Because security is paramount, OVHcloud ensures compliance with the necessary frameworks and certifications related to different sectors, from healthcare to financial services. We offer a range of specialist public sector solutions, to ensure full compliance. 

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What are public sector and certified solutions?

Public sector solutions are any data hosting solutions that have been specifically designed to help organisations meet the requirements for any relevant government or public-sector certifications. This is especially important for any companies that handle healthcare data, financial data, or public-sector data – all of which have highly specific compliance requirements that must be adhered to.

This includes a range of industry-specific certifications, that any hosting solutions – either bare-metal or virtualised – used for these purposes must have earned. For example, PCI-DSS compliance is vital for any online merchant that processes card data, while HDS certification is required for hosting healthcare data. There are also numerous local and international regulations regarding data protection and sovereignty that must be adhered to (the GDPR in Europe and the Cloud Act in the USA, for instance).

The validation processes for these various certifications can potentially be complex and time-consuming, and therefore presents a significant challenge for international companies, and those with highly specific industry requirements. An international cloud provider – such as OVHcloud – that can offer a range of tailored public sector solutions, designed around specific local regulations can help take all the stress out of this process, ensuring you stay fully compliant in every location in which you operate, or plan on operating.

Why are public sector and certified solutions important for your organisation?

Organisations in numerous industries, all over the world, are now required to adhere to specific regulations and certifications in order to operate in a safe, secure and legal way. 

This is especially important if you are planning on entering new locations, now or in the future. The specific regulations you will need to comply with will vary from country to country, which means it is essential that you understand what your legal obligations are, in order to avoid costly financial penalties. As a truly global cloud provider, OVHcloud is fully committed to achieving full compliance with all relevant government and public-sector regulations in every area in which we and our customers operate.

If compliance with government regulations is a concern for your company, hosting your data solutions with OVHcloud will take all the stress out of meeting these requirements. And as you do so, you will be able to access the full capabilities of OVHcloud global infrastructure, configuring your cloud solutions in the way that best suits you, with full access control and traceability.

Our experts have a deep understand of the challenges that come from hosting and processing numerous forms of sensitive data, and will be able to offer practical advice on how to stay fully compliant.