Large Data Set Storage

Storage of large data sets

Large Data Set Storage

As the cost of storing legacy data continues to grow year by year, new solutions must be found to prevent data loss and compliance issues, as well as manage the complexity of unstructured data. The efficient storage of large data sets requires a secure, reversible, cloud-native platform, offered on a pay-as-you-go basis, for the best price. Only OVHcloud provides such cost-effective, highly scalable and reversible solutions, designed to meet today's requirements for high-capacity data storage.

Cost control

Organisations need to keep the exponential growth of their data under control, particularly due to new business cases that depend on exploiting unstructured data. IT organisations must take action to optimise data storage, in order to keep ongoing costs to the minimum.


It's sometimes difficult to assess long-term requirements in terms of the storage of large data sets, which is why OVHcloud storage solutions are fully reversible by design, to eliminate the risk of vendor lock-in.


Ensure the high availability of your most critical data with a managed, cloud-native block storage solution.  Built on dedicated hardware within a secure and certified environment, this solution makes managing and manipulating large data sets effortless.

Store and distribute large volumes of data in the cloud

An ideal solution for big data, IoT, satellite data, videos, or any web hosting projects.

Upload anything from several terabytes to several petabytes per month.

Store and distribute large files online, for multiple use cases.

Powered by a secure and resilient cloud infrastructure, accessible worldwide.

How it works


Activate your Public Cloud project

Through replication, the OVHcloud Public Cloud ensures high availability for your data, even in the event of an outage. Use standard APIs and intelligent automation to store and retrieve your data, with a global cloud infrastructure ensuring it is accessible everywhere in which you operate. The open-source technologies used ensure full reversibility and offer the best possible price/performance ratio.

Step 2 OVHcloud

Store large files and data sets with Object Storage

Organisations are increasingly required to manage large data sets (satellite data, videos or IoT data, for example). Object Storage simplifies this process, with both competitive pricing and complete assurance that your data is secure, thanks to full access control. This solution is ideal for large-scale storage, with no limit on file sizes and multi-petabyte capacity.

Step 3 OVHcloud

Automatically archive the data you need less frequently

Whether it is to achieve business goals or meet legal obligations, long-term data retention is often a necessity. Two points are important here: the cost of storage, which must be reduced, and data security and ease of recovery, which must be guaranteed. The OVHcloud Cloud Archive solution has been designed with this in mind.

Our partners

Since 2003, Irontec has delivered the assurance that your infrastructures and applications are in good hands. The most award-winning OVHcloud partner in recent years. OpenAwards to the best European provider of open technological solutions.


In a constantly changing and increasingly connected world, Thales stands by those with great ambitions: to put digital technology at the service of a better and more secure world. To ensure that we can benefit from new technologies with confidence, Thales supports and secures the transformation of information systems and the most critical solutions and protects the entire data lifecycle, from its creation to its exploitation.

Key Features


There’s no need to anticipate additional storage space to meet your evolving requirements. Object Storage provides unlimited space for your applications, freeing you to store all types of files, without being constrained by a lack of disk space.

Integrated into your application

All actions can be managed via API, which makes automation very straightforward and facilitates integration into the application layers that handle your data. The OpenStack Swift libraries, available in your preferred languages, will make this integration even easier.


Your data is distributed within clusters that manage three replicas per object. These replicas are placed on different disks and servers, to guarantee their longevity. Furthermore, the architecture offers data recovery times ranging from 10 minutes to 12 hours, to further optimise your costs.


When you entrust OVHcloud with your data, we guarantee you will always be able to recover it via standard, easy-to-use protocols, such as SCP or rsync.

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What are large data sets?

‘Large data sets’ is the high-level term given to any large volumes – potentially many terabytes – of business data that must be stored, processed and analysed as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, and may also need to be distributed online. In addition to their increasingly large volumes, these data sets are typically highly unstructured by nature, with many varieties of data from multiple sources, including legacy data. Manipulating large data sets therefore involves eliminating any corrupt or duplicate data, and translating everything that’s left into a format where it can be used to generate actionable business insights, drive sustainable growth.

High availability is also a key concern. Any storage solution utilised for processing large data sets – whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud – must ensure the data concerned is readily accessible to those who need it, while maintain full compliance with all applicable data protection regulations.

The best way to store and visualise large data sets will naturally vary, depending on the type of data and the insights required, which is why we offer a range of tools for this purpose, along with dedicated storage solutions. This way, large data sets’ analysis can be streamlined, and the ongoing cost of storage can be minimised, without any compromise in terms of data security, or the performance of your infrastructure.

Why large data sets matter for your organisation

Organisations at all levels, in all industries, work with increasingly large data sets and files on a daily basis, and also have increasingly high volumes of legacy data that must be securely archived. All of this must be intelligently stored, processed and analysed if it is to generate actual business value and ensure all legal obligations have been met. With the rapid rise of big data and the Internet of Things, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your own data sets generate the greatest possible value, and that their storage does not become an excessive ongoing expense.

This makes choosing the right solutions for storing, accessing and manipulating large data sets essential. OVHcloud has developed a wide range of physical and virtual solutions to streamline and automate these processes as much as possible, allowing our customers to transform their large data sets into powerful business growth tools, while saving time and money.

All of these can be connected to your other OVHcloud solutions, or your on-premises infrastructure, via secure, private connections, providing you with maximum flexibility, and the freedom to work with your large data sets in the way that’s right for you. And full reversibility of your data is guaranteed at all times.