Notre certification HDS pour l'hébergement de vos données de santé en France

HDS certification for hosting healthcare data in France

ASIP Santé, the French Governmental Agency for Digital Health, is highly conscious of how sensitive personal healthcare data is. It has set a rigorous framework for the practices associated with developing healthcare data hosting solutions in France.

Since 2016, we have held the Health Data Hosting Approval (HADS) certification, and we received HDS certification for some of our solutions in 2019.

Our HDS-certified products

Our Hosted Private Cloud solution and the dedicated servers in our HG and FS-MAX ranges are HDS-certified for activities 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 of the framework.

Activity 5 refers to the administration and operation of the information system containing healthcare data. This needs to be managed directly by the customer or their data manager.

Optimal security

We have added further security measures to our HDS-certified SDDC solutions. These include token validation for critical actions, access control lists (ACLs) for administration interfaces, specific reports on sensitive actions, and specific features for account management.

Division of responsibilities

This certification involves shared responsibilities between the customer and the HDS-certified hosting provider. We provide advice to customers who would like to carry out activities that require certification. Other than legal obligation, the level of security required for a certification is an essential factor for our customers, and contributes to a healthy digital ecosystem.

Prices of our HDS-certified products

Packs Price per month
SDDC 16 (2 hosts each with 16 GB of RAM and 6 cores) US$ 793.00 ex. GST/month
SDDC 64 (2 hosts each with 64 GB of RAM and 10 cores) US$ 1,899.00 ex. GST/month
SDDC 128 (2 hosts each with 128 GB of RAM and 10 cores) US$ 2,599.00 ex. GST/month
SDDC 256 (2 hosts each with 256 GB of RAM and 20 cores) US$ 4,243.00 ex. GST/month
SDDC 512 (2 hosts each with 512 GB of RAM and 20 cores) US$ 5,971.00 ex. GST/month
vSAN 256 (3 hosts each with 256 GB of RAM and 20 cores) US$ 7,389.00 ex. GST/month
vSAN 512 (3 hosts each with 512 GB of RAM and 20 cores) US$ 10,254.00 ex. GST/month
Host With HDS certification
SDDC 16 US$ 302.00 ex. GST/month
SDDC 64 US$ 855.00 ex. GST/month
SDDC 128 US$ 1,205.00 ex. GST/month
SDDC 256 US$ 2,027.00 ex. GST/month
SDDC 512 US$ 2,891.00 ex. GST/month
vSAN 256 US$ 2,400.00 ex. GST/month
vSAN 512 US$ 3,355.00 ex. GST/month
Datastore Price per hour Price per month
2 TB US$ 0.15 ex. GST/hour US$ 100.00 ex. GST/month
3 TB US$ 0.23 ex. GST/hour US$ 159.00 ex. GST/month
6 TB US$ 0.44 ex. GST/hour US$ 299.00 ex. GST/month
9 TB US$ 0.61 ex. GST/hour US$ 409.00 ex. GST/month
18 TB US$ 1.22 ex. GST/hour US$ 819.00 ex. GST/month
36 TB US$ 2.42 ex. GST/hour US$ 1,629.00 ex. GST/month
Server Price
mHG-2019 From US$ 252.99 ex. GST/month
FS-MAX From US$ 371.99 ex. GST/month
HG-2019 From US$ 382.99 ex. GST/month
BHG-2019 From US$ 676.99 ex. GST/month

OVHcloud Healthcare — HDS-certified healthcare data hosting solutions

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