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Discover the flexibility of the cloud with our SDDC packs. Launch your own infrastructure in an hour with our automated delivery system.

What services are included in a pack?

Our SDDC packs are made up of two hosts equipped with Intel processors, and two datastores for your storage disks. These components are entirely dedicated to you, and have a very high level of security. This solution makes it easier to migrate from an on-premises infrastructure to a private cloud hosted by OVHcloud.

Services included:
2 x 2TB datastores
vSphere 6.7 Enterprise Plus platform
vRack private network
Anti-DDoS protection
vScope monitoring
Security and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
NSX licence

Our SDDC packs:
HDS-certified SDDC packs are not available to order online. Please contact our sales team for further information.

Packs SDDC Standard With PCI-DSS certification With HDS certification (order by telephone)
SDDC 16 (2 hosts each with 16 GB of RAM and 6 cores) US$ 634.76 ex. GST/month US$ 932.68 ex. GST/month US$ 793.00 ex. GST/month
SDDC 64 (2 hosts each with 64 GB of RAM and 10 cores) US$ 1,452.36 ex. GST/month US$ 2,294.60 ex. GST/month US$ 1,899.00 ex. GST/month
SDDC 128 (2 hosts each with 128 GB of RAM and 10 cores) US$ 1,969.80 ex. GST/month US$ 3,157.00 ex. GST/month US$ 2,599.00 ex. GST/month
SDDC 256 (2 hosts each with 256 GB of RAM and 20 cores) US$ 3,183.88 ex. GST/month US$ 5,179.72 ex. GST/month US$ 4,243.00 ex. GST/month
SDDC 512 (2 hosts each with 512 GB of RAM and 20 cores) US$ 4,460.68 ex. GST/month US$ 7,307.72 ex. GST/month US$ 5,971.00 ex. GST/month

Packs vSAN Standard With PCI-DSS certification With HDS certification (order by telephone)
vSAN 256 (3 hosts each with 256 GB of RAM and 20 cores) US$ 5,507.88 ex. GST/month US$ 9,052.68 ex. GST/month US$ 7,389.00 ex. GST/month
vSAN 512 (3 hosts each with 512 GB of RAM and 20 cores) US$ 7,624.68 ex. GST/month US$ 12,580.68 ex. GST/month US$ 10,254.00 ex. GST/month

Additional hosts

Our Intel hosts are compatible with VLAN technology, to isolate your virtual machines from the public network and connect them to other vRack-compatible services. These are available in pre-configured packs, or on demand when you place your initial order. Add more hosts via the OVHcloud Control Panel, or directly via vSphere, with delivery in just a few minutes.

Host Standard With PCI-DSS certification With HDS certification
SDDC 16 US$ 222.88 ex. GST/month US$ 371.84 ex. GST/month US$ 302.00 ex. GST/month
SDDC 64 US$ 631.68 ex. GST/month US$ 1,052.80 ex. GST/month US$ 855.00 ex. GST/month
SDDC 128 US$ 890.40 ex. GST/month US$ 1,484.00 ex. GST/month US$ 1,205.00 ex. GST/month
SDDC 256 US$ 1,497.44 ex. GST/month US$ 2,495.36 ex. GST/month US$ 2,027.00 ex. GST/month
SDDC 512 US$ 2,135.84 ex. GST/month US$ 3,559.36 ex. GST/month US$ 2,891.00 ex. GST/month
vSAN 256 US$ 1,772.96 ex. GST/month US$ 2,954.56 ex. GST/month US$ 2,400.00 ex. GST/month
vSAN 512 US$ 2,478.56 ex. GST/month US$ 4,130.56 ex. GST/month US$ 3,355.00 ex. GST/month

Additional datastores

Datastore Price per hour Price per month
2 TB US$ 0.15 ex. GST/hour US$ 100.00 ex. GST/month
3 TB US$ 0.23 ex. GST/hour US$ 159.00 ex. GST/month
6 TB US$ 0.44 ex. GST/hour US$ 299.00 ex. GST/month
9 TB US$ 0.61 ex. GST/hour US$ 409.00 ex. GST/month
18 TB US$ 1.22 ex. GST/hour US$ 819.00 ex. GST/month
36 TB US$ 2.42 ex. GST/hour US$ 1,629.00 ex. GST/month
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