Products designed for large companies

Des produits qui couvrent l'ensemble de vos attentes les plus exigeantes

Products designed to meet the needs of large companies

In addition to our solutions, we also offer a wide range of products that can easily be integrated into your cloud environment. To ensure our products match your business needs, we offer online subscriptions that are versatile and flexible.

Browse our selection of products, designed for even the most critical requirements.

Quick deployment and limitless scalability

Our Hosted Private Cloud solution and bare metal server solutions can be ordered in just a few minutes, and deployed on your infrastructure within a few days. And if you need more resources, you can add them via the OVHcloud Control Panel and control their usage, as well as their billing.

A private and secure network

We factor interoperability in to the earliest design stages of our solutions — so you get a high-capacity, secure network to connect your own infrastructures to the cloud. This guarantees you complete isolation for the most critical workloads.

Market standards and easy integration

Our products and solutions use industry standards such as VMware vSphere, OpenStack, Microsoft, Linux, and many more — so your expertise and tools will still be relevant. Simply move your workloads to the cloud, or re-size the cloud resources you already have.

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